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Recent Reviews

Felicia Sherman

* Reviewed July 20, 2018

I drove my truck up there on a Monday to get driveshaft and front end fixed. They didnt look at it for 2 weeks called me on Friday at 4pm and took my $702 payment and just started working on it when they guaranteed me it would ve ready on Friday. They call back at 6pm after taking my payment and said they couldnt fix the driveshaft. Why take a payment for something when you don't know whats wrong with it for starters... I told them I wanted my money back and I would come pick my truck up. They said they would put the driveshaft in the bed of my truck and I could come get it. Ah no! I drove it in there I should be driving it out. They said they would have the manager call me and has yet to call.

Stephen Greenfeld

* * * * * Reviewed May 23, 2018

Have been using them for years now. Very fair and honest. Will continue to go there.

TJ Sanford

* * * * Reviewed January 24, 2018

Good group of guys. Fair prices. Got the job done, just took a bit longer than was promised. Things happen though. Id go here for repairs again.

James Stewart

* * * * * Reviewed November 30, 2017

Excellent experience. Great people and very professional. Will definitely do business with them in the future.


* * * * * Reviewed January 30, 2018

As always, the mechs here really look out for their customers. They had me in on the same day as the phone call and fixed in a hurry. Thank you McReynolds!