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Recent Reviews


* Reviewed July 30, 2018

BEWARE!!! THE POSITIVE REVIEWS THAT ARE BEING POSTED ALL OF A SUDDEN ARE EITHER FAKE OR PAID FOR. DO NOT BELIEVE THEM. AFTER ALL THE NEGATIVE REVIEWS POSTED BY CUSTOMERS, THIS BUSINESS REALIZED IT'S AFFECTING AND HURTING THEM SO THEY STARTED HAVING UNTRUE GOOD REVIEWS POSTED TO COVER UP AND HIDE WHAT WAS SAID ABOUT THEM. DO NOT FALL FOR THESE LOW LIFE SCAMMING FRAUDS. READ THE OLDER POSTINGS FOR THE REAL TRUTH AND ALSO READ MY EXPERIENCE BELOW: I came here because other places charged around $90 for an alignment and they did it only for $40. After I got my alignment done, my car turned by itself mostly to the left. I went back to either get it fixed or get refunded. The owner blamed it on the tire rods being tight and not being able to loosen it. He said that he only aligned the driver side and not the other 3 sides that I paid for! When asked why did he charge me when he did not even do the service, he made up some prices when the price is already in big letters outside. Both my mechanic and Just Brakes store didn't see anything wrong with my tire rods. He wasn't interested in resolving and walked off knowing he was guilty, so I then told him I would write bad reviews. He flicked me off, angrily came back, grabbed a car tool and got in my face threatening to do something to me if he saw a bad review. He took a picture of me on his cell phone. I called police and filed a report. When police came, he was hiding in the back and had his family (who all are at the business) tell the police he was picking up his kids from school. The police asked why every time they respond to a call, he is missing. Which shows me that he scammed a lot of people before. I ended up having to pay to replace the wheel bearing and hubcap on the same side he aligned. It is not worth it coming here looking to save. I went from thinking I'd pay $40 to paying over $250 from damages this crook caused and on top of that a LIFE THREAT! If you read others reviews, you will see other people have experienced the same and have been cheated and violently confronted.

Miss Read

* Reviewed July 8, 2018

I went to SafeTires in Decatur in February 2018 where I purchased two new tires plus alignment. Came back on Thursday 7-5-18 Tires were balled to the metal I don't think the machine was working properly. Other shops that I took the car to told me it's an alignment problem and I should take it back to where I had gotten the tires and alignment. Fast forward today 7-7-18 at SafeTires in Decatur. I went in to informed the person on duty of my situation the guy told me he could give me a partial payment on the two used tires I had to buy from the company until they can verify when the two new tires/alignment were done and they will put new tires back on and realign the car. That did not happen. they tried to come up with any and every excuse that they can think of not to correct their mistakes. They even had the nerve to say the used tires I just bought from them two days ago are worn-out. I wanted him to show me where they were worn and the guy said I'm questioning his knowledge.Yes I truly think his knowledge is very questionable. But I was just asking show me and let's move on. He walks away. I feel this was becoming really shady and I was getting very upset. I do not will not and people should not have their tires and alignment done there in my opinion. Low cost may mean a compromise. "word of mouth" ask around see where others have gone and their experience. I recommend reading reviews ALWAYS!!!!!!!!!!!! I DO NOT RECOMMEND SAFE TIRES IN DECATUR.................NO,NO,NO,NO WON'T GO!!!!!! ever again

T. Robinson

* * * * * Reviewed December 23, 2017

I've had three experiences at this shop. All of them were WONDERFUL! I got a wheel alignment and two tires. GREAT tires! Very reasonable price. Also a great price on the wheel alignment. I've recommended this place to several people and will continue to do so,

Giovanni di Capo

* Reviewed August 3, 2018

OVERPRICED Tires!!! $46 for a USED tire on a KIA----------ARE YOU KIDDING ME. The tire was mostly worn too. DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME. Find another tire place. This place raises their price every time I visit them and the quality of their tires have gotten WORSE.. SKIP THIS PLACE..

Evelyn Liliana

* * * * * Reviewed September 4, 2018

Decatur is awesome! Best experience.