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Recent Reviews


* Reviewed May 10, 2018

I purchased 4 brand new tires from this establishment the second week of March 2018. On yesterday, one of my tires suddenly runs flat. I have only been driving around the city. I've made no long trips or hit anything to have caused to damage so I suspected a nail. I am currently leaving a tire shop on Memorial Dr after having to replace the NEW not USED tire I just purchased from ATL Tires Warehouse. The pictures will show extreme wear and tear considering the tires to be less than two months old. Update: Days after posting my review, the manager called me and asked if I was the person who left the review with the photos. He told me the tires in the photos match my vehicle..meaning he looked up my information and made the connection rather than reaching out and commenting under my actual review. And over the phone, he insisted that I remove the poor review. After seeing the lack of professionalism this place offers, I agreed to do so for a refund for the bad tire I was sold. He declined. Due to the poor customer service and sketchy business ethics, I would not recommend this place to anyone.

Freddie Taylor

* * * * * Reviewed May 31, 2018

It is easy to get to and they were fast with their service. I got 4 brand new tires with a national damage warranty.

Al S.M.

* Reviewed January 2, 2018

Poor customer service from the owner down. Apparently their policy is to fix anything that walks in the store. He wanted to “service” a tire pressure sensor EVEN AFTER it was determined by the owner himself that the sensor could not be repair by his shop. The only way to have a warranty on tires is to have the shop mount them, & the only way for them to mount the tire is if they “service “ the sensors. And if you decide to go with the 1 year manufacturer warranty, you will need to bring the tire back to the shop for inspection before it is send out to the manufacturer. The shop does not honor the warranty they use as selling pitch. I would give a zero star, but it’s required to give at least 1 with this review. The wait time at the shop is unnecessarily long. Shop at your own risk

Dustin Reese

* Reviewed March 15, 2018

If I could give this place 0 stars, I would. I brought my car to Atlanta Tires Warehouse for a tire balance. It took them over 4 hours to do the work. After the balance was completed, I noticed that my car was driving far worse than it was before. A couple of days later, I took my car to an NTB to have the balance double checked. All fours of my tires were out of balance because they'd been balanced improperly, which means that I essentially paid Atlanta Tires Warehouse $70 for nothing. After I had NTB my re-balance my tires, I called Atlanta Tires Warehouse to ask how I could get a refund. They told me that I was ineligible for a refund because I did not give them an opportunity to correct the issue first. The reason why I did not take my car back to them is because I no longer trusted them to do the job properly. The lesson I learned is that if you want quality work done on your car, Atlanta Tires Warehouse is not the place to go.

Jestin Dupree

* * * * * Reviewed January 10, 2018

Staff is welcoming and efficient. All services offered are at a reasonable price. No notible complaints. Customer since 2013.