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Recent Reviews

Dulce Jacobo

* * Reviewed September 7, 2019

Workers there are very nice but the service is very slow. It took over an hour for a simple oil change that I would usually get done in less than 15 minutes with a different company.

Michael Warner

* * * Reviewed July 29, 2019

Not tragic, but not great. The sales guy that I ordered my times from on the phone was energetic and seemed to know his stuff, but the service went flat, and the up charges mentioned in other reviews came to light. When I showed to drop off my truck, no one was up front. I waited awhile (more then 5, less then 10 minutes) before I called them on my cell to please come up so I could drop off my truck. There was some up selling, some of which I was wise enough to decline, some I bought into then later wondered why I'd not been for these extras before (like the last time at Costco). I did not receive a call that my truck was ready, but showed up and it was ready. There were grease finger/hand prints all over my hood (I'd gotten an oil change). It was that last thing, the grease on my hood, that was that ONE last thing that lead me to writing my 3 star review. Hey...I got my tires and at least they did NOT charge me any extra for the grease on my hood ;) 3 Stars for a job done, but sloppy on the edges. (Update 2 days later, I'm missing the valve top on of my tires. While totally possible that it was missing when I brought it in, this seems like the sort of thing that you'd come out of a tire shop notissing, with a set of new Again, my visit wasn't tragic (yet), but so many opportunities for attention to a medium level of attention were missed). For the record I also had issues with a rebate later and they were very stand up people (His name was Ray) at corporate when managing my issues. Evidence that this is perhaps a slack branch example of a good company.

Shannon Booker

* * * * * Reviewed June 21, 2019

Sometimes you tend to see more negative than positive reviews so I wanted to make sure you send some positivity your way. I caught a nail in my tire and came in with no appointment to get it taken care of. Great customer service and they got me in and out with no issues. Andre D. the Service Manager was the rep who assisted me.

Kyren McGary

* * * * * Reviewed June 18, 2019

Quame M. was great! Cool, humble brother that solved all the issues I had. Had a long day but it was great to see that there are people out there that care about your necessities and priorities. Appreciate the customer service and the work ethic that was shown! I'd choose this location over any Atlanta location.

Jonathan Lee

* Reviewed August 10, 2019

Took my car in for an alignment. The car was returned with damage to the sidewall of one of the tires. Store manager not only told me I couldn't prove they did the damage, but that it was only cosmetic and perfectly safe to drive with a gash in the sidewall of a tire.... Never thought I'd hear an automotive shop tell me it's OK to drive on a tire with a damaged sidewall... Idiots, will not be trusting them with another vehicle.