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Recent Reviews

Renee Gardner

* * * * * Reviewed June 11, 2018

Always get what I ask for plus more. I have them rotate my tires and change my oil plus other things that are wrong and they fix for me. Two years ago they spent 2 hours looking for and finding my husband's wedding ring for me. They always go that extra mile. Great guys and good work.

Cathy Clough Kiracofe

* * * * * Reviewed August 23, 2018

Porterfield is ALWAYS the best at tire prices and their service ALWAYS top notch! Thanks guys!

Matthew P

* * * Reviewed July 22, 2018

Decent place to get repairs, nice they let you buy parts from places like autozone and will put them on. They charge a markup fee on all parts if they purchase them. What I don't like is they don't do appointments. I had repair done and they said leave the car here in the morning and we will get to it. I wish they did appointments like other places. Where you leave your car at the appt time and then you car is serviced at that time. It seems like it is a first come first served place. They are always busy, which in someways shows they are a good place, but as the customer it would be nice if they could do appt so could work around my schedule and then not leave me without a car all day or have me changing up my schedule to drop off my car. Have appt and say ok we can get your car at noon and be done at 4. That way I can plan my day. I was upset I missed customer appreciation day. The only way I knew about it was they had a banner outside the store. I don't always drive that way so missed it. They could have called or sent out a mailing.

Jason Hortman

* * * * Reviewed August 30, 2018

Not the fastest, but always trustworthy, and I've never been unhappy with their work. Probably why they're always so busy!

Avery Fryman

* * * * * Reviewed March 12, 2018

Very honest, and reasonably priced. Was told by another company that my tires were horrible, needed to be replaced immediately, brought my car to porterfield in Watkinsville and they said I have at least 10,000 miles remaining. They have replaced a headlight, checked the air in my tires, and put two sets on our other vehicles. Herschel is especially friendly, and is always willing to go the extra mile. Only tire/automotive place I’ll use!