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Grip 60 Ice

The Antares Grip 60 Ice tire is a winter tire designed for severe ice and snow conditions. The tire has a high density biting edges and is a studdable tire for extra grip on ice. Studs are appropriate in climates that have mostly snow covered roads in the winter months, or areas that are susceptible to black ice conditions on a frequent basis.The Antares Grip 60 ice is a cheap tire compared to other studdable snow tires from better known brands like Nokian or Michelin, however it will still deliver high levels of grip in various winter conditions. Since it is designed for ice and snow, the Grip 60 uses tread rubber specially formulated to stay pliable even at freezing temperatures.  This means better traction on dry winter roads.  In the event of rain and slush, the 5 circumferential grooves efficiently evacuate water from the contact patch for better wet performance and safety for you and your family.

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