Saffiro Tires


Saffiro tires are manufactured for the driving enthusiast. We always strive to anticipate consumer trends while creating value in our brands. Our tire sizing, tread patterns and tire compounds combine modern aesthetics with cutting-edge technology. This technology has helped us create some of the most radical-looking tire designs on the market today. These memorable designs are the result of state-of-the-art development, quality engineering and rigorous testing procedures.

Saffiro Tires for Cars and Minivans



Saffrio Maxtrac A/T has an aggressive tread design that delivers driving confidence and nimble handling off-road, while still keeping things quiet on-road, this tire will take you ywhere. And itÂ’s built to last too, with two full-width steel belts for durability and long treadlife. Choose from an all-black sidewall design or raised white lettering.

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