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Which Mode of Transportation is More Cost Effective?

If you’re thinking about making that spontaneous decision of travelling to a fun vacation spot, you’re probably considering whether or not to fly or hit the road. Believe it or not, a road trip will save you more money down the road (no pun intended). Below is a list of reasons why a road trip may be the best option for your mode of transportation.

Cheaper Fuel

The average domestic flight costs 379 dollars. As long as your road trip remains a short enough distance, you can definitely save money with just a few gas refills. Even a cross-country trip from New York to Los Angeles would end up being slightly cheaper than an airplane ticket if fuel is the only factor. If you drive a hybrid car, you’d be saving even more gas money.

You have Access to an RV

Buy or rent a small RV to conserve the most amount of money on your road trip. An RV allows you to eat your own food and sleep in your own bed without spending money on an expensive hotel room or restaurant.

Airport Expenses

Once you arrive at the airport, you’ll discover all the other expenses in addition to the plane ticket, including parking and luggage carrying costs. When you drive a car or an RV, your luggage is stocked away in your vehicle the whole time.

Elbow Room

In addition to cost efficiency, driving gives you more opportunities to move around in open spaces. You remain confined while sitting in an airplane in the sky, while a car allows you to move around and stretch outside if you ever feel too cramped. An RV gives you the opportunity to lie down in your own bed, while an airplane seat keeps you in an upright position the whole flight.

No Annoying Passengers

A road trip gives you the opportunity to bring along your friends or family without dealing with annoying passengers. Your car won’t have any crying babies, seat kicking children or passengers complaining about distasteful food. You can have the most pleasant experience possible when you bring along people you know well and with whom you cooperate.

Enjoy the Sites

There’s not much to see while up in the sky. A road trip gives you a beautiful view of the country and its vast landscape including mountains, forests, farms and deserts. You can also stop at a museum, national park, amusement park or any location you desire.

Get a New Tire for The Trip

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