Learning Center / Buying a Used Car: Things Most People Don’t Look For

Between personally inspecting the car, knowing your budget, and negotiating with the dealer, buying a used car can be overwhelming. Thankfully, the experts at TreadHunter are here to help you navigate buying a used car without feeling like you need to become a mechanic to do so. Here are some little-known tips for checking out a used car:

It’s All in the Paint

The paint job on a car can give away many secrets about the vehicle’s history. For instance, if the paint color is not uniform on all of the body panels, the car might have gotten into an accident. To check for cover-ups, inspect the rubber seals around the hood and the trunk lids; paint will adhere to it if the car has been repainted.

Tire Traps

It cannot be stressed enough that tires are the most important part of the car to check. This entire area will tell you a lot about the car.

Uncover The Vehicle’s History Report

If you want the official story about your vehicle, ask for its history report. A vehicle history report uses a vehicle identification number, or VIN, to dig up information about the car’s accidents, major repairs, ownership, existing warranties, and mileage. This will also reveal its maintenance and crash history. This will not only help you with negotiating a price for the vehicle, but it also can help you decide if it is worth purchasing at all.

Does Your Used Car Need Some Updates?

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