Learning Center / Getting Ready for your Summer Road Trip

Stay ahead of the curve with these tips for a smooth summer road trip.


Image via Pixabay

You’ve earned the vacation days, mapped your route and coordinated with your closest friends. You’re ready for a summer road trip. For all its effort, this journey will be an experience of a lifetime.  Use these tips to avoid rookie mistakes and ensure safe and smooth travels.

Make Sure Your Car Is Ready

Is your tire pressure low? Does the oil in your car need to be replaced? If you’re uncertain, get your car fully inspected before hitting the gas. If your tires are worn and out of shape, save yourself the stress and the time and replace them before you go. Your car should be in its best form before heading out. If it’s not, let us help you find the parts you are looking for.

A Little Cleaning Never Hurt Anyone

No one says your car needs to be spotless for a road trip. That being said, your passengers would appreciate a quick clean sweep before being locked in for days. Chuck the leftover food wrappers, empty water bottles and month-old receipts. Plus, there is a 100% chance that garbage will pile up in your car on the road. Don’t add new garbage to old garbage.

Know Your Wheels

Don’t know how to change a flat? It may be worthwhile to brush up on your skills. And if you don’t, make sure you have the proper signals/road flares to call for help. Keeping a jack, a spare tire and a tire pressure gauge in your trunk can clip hours off of an unfortunate situation. Don’t know which tires are best for your car? Our convenient search tool can help.

Pack Your Favorites

This includes everything from music to food. Cruise to a playlist of your favorite summer jams and make sure you and your buddies can enjoy the trip as much as possible. Your favorite snacks will also keep everyone happy and hunger at bay.

Have A Loose Plan

Delays happen during long-distance traveling. Take care to not to overbook your trip. Usually things take longer than we expect. Construction, detours and reroutes come up. You might spot a restaurant or festival that looks interesting and choose to check it out. Don’t ruin your summer road trip by stressing over making time. Keep your plan loose—but not too loose to keep the energy positive and enjoyable.

Pack Emergency Supplies

Sometimes car trouble happens. An extra supply of oil and radiator coolant will be handy for moments like these. So will a small funnel, a flashlight, a first aid kit and simple tools like a hammer and wrench. A copy of the directions is also a basic backup that everyone should pack.

Check Your Phone Plan

If you’re already attached to your phone this may be a no-brainer. However, if you’re planning a road trip, ask your phone provider about roaming fees and coverage country-wide. No one wants to come home to a huge phone bill.

Learn The Numbers

You’ve chosen your direction. Now it’s time to get to know your highways. Not all interstates are the same. Two-digit numbered interstates (I-95) are generally more direct routes through cities while three-digit interstates (I-785) generally travel around cities. Also, odd-numbered highways run north to south and even numbered highways run east to west.

Don’t Forget To Enjoy The Ride

Take care of safety and supplies ahead of time so you can focus on the important stuff like relaxing and enjoying the ride. Don’t forget to rock out and take in the sights!