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Which Tire is Best for Your Car?

When deciding which tire to get for your car, you should factor in what kind of weather your region usually has and what kind of car you have. Sticking with your stock tires and getting them replaced when needed is one route you can take, or you can upgrade to get better tires. Going to a tire store, it may be overwhelming to find the right tires for your car with so many options. Luckily, at Treadhunter, there are many different tire brands you can choose from to get you started.


Truck Tire Brands

When picking out new tires for your truck, there are three different types. All-season truck tires, all-terrain truck tires, and winter/snow tires. In short, all-season truck tires are designed for carrying heavy loads, all-terrain truck tires are designed for heavy duty use and light off road treading, and the winter/snow tires are designed for driving through inclement, cold weather including snow and ice. Some good tire brands that fit the all-season style are Michelin, Goodyear, or Bridgestone tires. As for all-terrain, some high quality brands include BFGoodrich, Maxxis, or Firestone. Lastly, some brands that are good for winter/snow are Yokohama, Falken, or Cooper.


Sedan/Light-Duty SUV Tire Brands

When choosing the tire brand for your sedan or light-duty SUV, there are a few things to consider; such as what kind of tires do you want? There are three basic kinds of sedan and light-duty SUV tires. There are all-season car tires for stable year round traction, performance all-season car tires for year-round strong grip and better handling, and there are ultra-high performance tires that are mainly used for more expensive and upscale sedans and light-duty SUVs. Like the same as the truck tires, some brands that are good for all-season are Goodyear, Michelin, or Nexen. As for performance, some good choices would be Kumho, Nokian, or Continental. At last, some good brands that are suited for ultra-high performance are Michelin, Goodyear, or Toyo.


Pickups/Heavy-Duty SUV Tire Brands

Deciding what kind of tire to choose for your pickup or heavy-duty SUV is sometimes a difficult task. Factoring in which brand would be best suitable for your vehicle while wondering if you want to pay more for tires you may not need is tough. But, there are only two tire kinds: performance winter/snow tires which of course provide increased grip for snow and are good all year-round, and truck winter/snow tires, which are mainly required for heavy snowfall and cold, inclement weather. Some good brands that fit both those types include Goodyear, Michelin, or Nokian.


Know When to Replace Your Tires

Considering all of this information being thrown at you on which brand of tire you should choose, you also need to know when you need to replace them. When your tire becomes worn out, more specifically reaching a tread depth of 2/32 inch, this means that your car is more prone to hydroplaning. Another warning sign that you’re in need of new tires is if your treads are completely worn out either in the middle, on the sides, or both. That also happens as a result of overinflating or underinflating your tires. Having old, worn out tires can substantially limit your handling, steering, and gripping capabilities that can result in a bad accident or worse. If you see or feel any of those warning signs, it’s time to get you a new set of wheels.


Where Do I Buy These Tires?

Hopefully you became more knowledgeable on which kind of tire brand you should choose after reading this blog. It is important to have the most suitable tires for your vehicle, because otherwise you may get into a serious accident. Everyone should be putting safety over other factors, such as the price, to make the roads a safer place to travel. You can contact us at Treadhunter today for more in depth information and help on which tire is right for you and your car.