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At TreadHunter, we know tire performance is crucial to how your car functions, especially in frigid weather and on icy roads. While it may be expensive to replace tires every season, winter tires really do make all the difference. Better traction, thicker tread, and easier braking are only a few of the advantages that winter tires can provide. The best part is – they also save you money! Here are five ways we think winter tires can help you keep cash in your pocket.


Cost Benefits of Winter Tires


1. Maintenance

By replacing all four tires with winter tires, you increase the control and balance of your car. Just two winter tires can create mismatched traction and cause a spin out or busted tire, so the best way to get the most for your money is by replacing all four tires. You will avoid having to purchase multiple sets of tires, inspect your car a lot less frequently, and save money on trips to the mechanic.

2. Safety

Winter tires are beneficial in most poor weather conditions, and make driving in wet weather much easier. Unlike all-weather tires, winter tires have increased grip, make collision-avoidance easier, and stop quickly and efficiently. These characteristics allow for increased control over the tires and your car, reducing your risk of accidents significantly and saving you money on repairs as well.

3. Insurance

If maintenance and safety aren’t enough of a reason for you to invest in winter tires, you also receive a price break on your insurance if you install them. Regular all-season tires lose elasticity and effectiveness in wintery weather, making you more accident-prone that may lead to an increase in your insurance. On the other hand, if you use winter tires, you decrease braking distance by up to 25% and make the roads that much safer. All you have to do for a discount on your premium is keep all four winter tires on from November to March and let your insurance company know. Be sure to keep in mind that not all insurance companies provide such a discount, so find out before you make a hefty purchase.

4. Longevity

Investing in a second set of tires that you only use a few months a year increases the life of your tires. The minimal use you get out of both sets of tires makes them last much longer, minimizing how much wear and tear each set of tires is subjected to. If you were to use all-season tires on snowy and icy roads, the tread would wear prematurely; making you purchase new tires far more frequently than the recommended six to ten-year life span. It may be more expensive to purchase winter tires, but it is a long-term investment that also increases your safety and decreases accidents and cost of car and tire repair.

5. Knowledge

Yes, winter tires are more expensive than standard tires, but they also provide more safety and security than all-weather tires. You can save money on your winter weather purchase by doing your research and comparing local tire rates. Ask your friends and family, visit tire stores in the area, and search online for the best tire deals. If you know what you are looking for and how much you are looking to spend before you buy, it will make it much easier to find sturdy tires without breaking the bank.

Tires Near You

Making sure your tires are functioning properly is key to driving in the winter. Let TreadHunter help you search for new tires by location, tire size, tire brand, or car type, all without having to leave home. Contact us for more information or register online to start your hunt today!