Learning Center / Original Equipment Tires vs Replacement Tires

When shopping through Treadhunter’s selection of tires, you’ll most likely see at least one tire marked as “Original Equipment” for your vehicle. Many may wonder if that means the tire is the right one for their vehicle and the answer to that depends on what you want from your tires and how you’ll be using your vehicle with the new tires mounted on.

What is Original Equipment?

Original Equipment, often shortened to OE, are the tires that the manufacturer of your automobile included when it rolled off the assembly line. In most instances, automakers have a partnership with tire manufacturers to equip new vehicles with different models from the brand. The two companies will work together to pair each type of vehicle with the perfect tire to match the performance features of the vehicle. A luxury car will usually come equipped with a tire that provides a quiet ride, while a sports car will come with a tire designed to handle tight cornering and straight-line acceleration. For some models that are offered in a variety of trims, there can be numerous OE tires that fit to the vehicle.

Do I Need OE Tires?

The short answer is no, you do not need to buy the OE tires when it comes time to purchase a new set for your vehicle. However, if you have been satisfied with how your vehicle has performed since purchase, it may be best to stick with the OE model. As previously mentioned, OE tires are chosen for each vehicle to make the most of your vehicle’s performance and features, so changing from the OE model to a different model may compromise the ability for your vehicle to perform how you would like it to.

Why Would I Buy a Different Model?

Some vehicle owners are unhappy with the performance or handling that OE tires provide. In an instance where the owner is looking to improve fuel-efficiency or make the car run quieter, a set of aftermarket tires will allow the owner to find a model with the features that they want.

How Do I Choose Aftermarket Tires?

Buying aftermarket tires with Treadhunter takes the confusion and salesmanship that often comes from visiting a tire store, out of the equation. By simply entering your vehicle information into Treadhunter’s tire search, you’ll be able to shop through a variety of tires that not only will fit to your vehicle, but will offer different qualities that you may desire. To look for a specific type of tire that will provide the performance you need, say better wet traction, just utilize the performance category filters on the left side of the page to narrow down your search parameters.