Learning Center / Steer Clear of a Summer Blowout

Tire blowouts are not uncommon during the hot summer weather. As your car gets exposed to high temperatures, the air in your tire expands and the internal pressure increases by up to twenty percent. Eventually your tire may experience a blowout. Here are some tips on how to avoid a tire blowout this summer.

Measure the Pressure

Measure the tire’s current pressure against the manufacturer’s recommended pressure amount and make sure they match. Do not measure the pressure against the recommendations of the car’s guidelines. The tire manufacturer will likely have a higher level of expert knowledge on tire pressure than the car manufacturer.

Check the Door

Properly inflating your tire is one of the best ways to avoid a tire blowout. The placard on the inside of your car’s door will tell you how many pounds of pressure your tire needs. Make sure the tire is not over or under inflated as either may cause car damage including a tire blowout.

Prevent Overload

Travel relatively light before heading on that summer road trip. Hauling extra-heavy loads like big mattresses can cause significant car damage. You should also avoid overcrowding the vehicle with more bodies than available car seats. You can look at the placard on your door to check your vehicle’s weight capacity.

Avoid Potholes

Slamming into a pothole or any other road hazard may severely damage your tire’s internals. If the impact is powerful enough, the pothole may even kill your tire completely by cutting through the fabric and rubber. Carefully drive around potholes whenever possible.

Drive Carefully

Being a careful driver is probably the best way to avoid blowing out your tires. Maintain a calm and cool mental state to avoid road rage. Be a defensive driver when you come across aggressive drivers on the road. Avoid speeding and slamming on your breaks to avoid tire blowouts and accidents with other drivers.

Avoid Construction Sites

Construction sites and other hazardous roadways are perfect locations for tire blowouts. These zones may contain large potholes, metal, and sharp rocks that may lead to a blowout upon a fast and powerful impact. If you can’t find an alternative route, make sure you drive carefully and cautiously in these areas.

Check the Tires

A great way to avoid tire blowouts is to simply check the current status of your tires. Take note of any visible tears or other tire damage. If there are any signs of potential damage, don’t take the risk of driving. Have your tire checked out by a professional immediately.

Rotate your Tires

Rotating your tires will dramatically reduce the probability of a tire blowout and extend the life of your tires overall. It ensures that all four tires maintain an even level of treadwear. You will also enjoy smoother car rides and improved gas mileage. Treadhunter offers supplemental information on why you should rotate your tires.

 Update Your Tires

If your tires are approximately six years old, it’s time to update your tires before they take any more damage. When you purchase a new tire through Treadhunter, you can search for the tire of your choice. Contact us for more information about our tire selection.