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Preserving The ‘New Car’ Feeling

Keeping a car feeling and looking new is easy. From some small cleaning habits to a splurge at the car wash, there are many ways to preserve the new car feeling. Even if you have an old car and want it make it shine, check our tips to make sure you are on the right track to keeping your car looking dealership worthy!

Vacuum the Interior

Use your vacuum cleaner to snatch up any debris on the floor of your car. Shoes drag in a lot of dirt to cars, especially around the driver’s seat, so make sure to pull the rugs up to get those hard-to-reach places. Also, vacuum in between the cushions where crumbs can hide. Since you are already hard at work on the interior, you might as well go the extra mile and take an odor remover and a spot cleaner to the spots you have vacuumed.

Keep Tires Up-to-Date

Tires glisten on the road, so one of the easiest ways to make a car look older is to have mismatching or rusty tires. Not only do mismatching or worn-out tires look tacky, they are also tremendously bad for your car. Having even one mismatching tire causes the tread to wear differently on all the tires, which could contribute to issues with braking or driving straight in the long run. This is why it is important to use TreadHunter. Our search engine allows you to find the exact brand and model of tire you need, keeping all of the tires in good condition even if you only need one replaced.

Clean Up After Yourself

Is there always a spare water bottle in your car? Do you forget to bring garbage inside? Getting into the habit of setting up a bag for garbage in your car, or just taking the garbage out when you leave the car, is a good way to keep your car smelling fresh and feeling less cluttered. Having an air freshener in your car can eliminate the odors, but it cannot eliminate the clutter.

Polish Your Car

Car washes can damage the detail on your car, even if it is a soft treatment. If you have the time, lovingly wash and then polish your car yourself. Be sure to vigorously clean the mirrors (on the inside and out), as dust settling there can impair your view in the car but also make your car look older where it collects.

Here at TreadHunter we strive to help keep your car feeling new as long as possible. Think of your tires as the car’s lungs: you cannot keep a car moving without them! Beautiful, new tires are the best way to keep your car looking like it did the day you purchased it. Check out our local and nationwide deals on tires, or do your own research to purchase tires today!