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Drivers’ Ed is a good start to understanding the rules of the road, but it does not cover everything you need to know. The best way to improve your driving skills is to practice with fresh knowledge at your disposal. Whether you are an experienced driver or a new driver, these 5 tips can benefit you greatly on the road.

Seating Matters!

Besides putting your seatbelt on or adjusting your seat so you are sitting up straight and can easily reach the gas and the brake pedal, a lot of people forget about the headrest. It is not just for neck comfort. A correctly adjusted the headrest should sit behind your head to reduce whiplash during an accident.

Keep Your Tires In Good Condition!

Tires are the most important part of your car because you depend on them entirely, especially in extreme weather conditions. Make sure you have uniform tires to prevent uneven tread, rotate your tires regularly to improve tire longevity, and be wary of tire pressure in dramatic changes in temperature. TreadHunter offers local and national deals so you are never caught with mismatching tires. If you are missing a tire and know exactly what you are looking for, use TreadHunter to search for a replacement.

Look Both Ways- Even When Driving

There are many situations this rule applies to, but the basic principal is to always “double check” while driving. When at a stoplight, check the intersection when the light turns green; sometimes drivers do not stop. After you indicate your intention to change lanes or merge, check your blind spots carefully. Be the most cautious driver you can be, because other drivers may not be as cautious.

Preventing Problems In Rainy Weather

In wet weather, be generous with the space you leave between yourself and the car in front of you. This is because you should brake gently on wet and slippery roads to reduce your chances of hydroplaning. If it is raining too hard for you to see the car in front of you, pull over into the nearest safe place until the worst of the rain is gone.

How-to Handle an Accident

Accidents for drivers new and old can be overwhelming. Being prepared, however, can reduce your anxiety and keep you calmer. These steps can help you move on from an accident more quickly.

  1. Call 911 before anything else. This is important not only for possible injuries but also for reporting the accident. There are drivers who might try to tell you that it is not necessary to involve the police. It is.
  2. Try to take photos of the cars before they are moved. Pictures should include the position of the cars during the crash and the damage done to each car.
  3. Inquire about basic information from the drivers involved. This includes their names, addresses, phone numbers to reach them at, their license plates, and their insurance carriers.
  4. If someone witnessed the accident, ask for their name and number.
  5. Call your insurance agent and quickly process any necessary claims.

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