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Whether you are traveling to see family, are heading on a vacation, or are on your way back to school, long distance drives can be daunting and lengthy. The best way to have a trip without hiccups and headaches is to follow TreadHunter’s five tips below.

Long Distance Driving Tips

1. Be Prepared

The best way to put a damper on a road trip is to be stranded on the side of the road, because you didn’t prepare ahead of time. Get plenty of sleep the night before your drive, and stock up on food and water. Check to make sure that your tires are in good condition, the fuel tank is full, and you are equipped with washer fluid, coolant, and any other liquids the car may need. Also have a survival kit on hand with tools for inclement weather (a shovel and extra wiper blades, for example), spare blankets, and first aid needs.

2. Bring a Buddy

Driving alone may cause you to become drowsy or unfocused behind the wheel. Having a buddy makes the drive go by much quicker and allows you to share the driving responsibilities with someone. You’ll be able to keep an eye on one another, ensuring that you both do not drive while too tired. If you do drive with a buddy, be sure to keep your focus on the road as having someone in the passenger seat sometimes can quickly turn into a distraction.

3. Get Informed

If you’re crossing state lines, it’s important to know how their laws differ from your local laws. While certain things may be acceptable in one area it may not be in another, being unaware of the local laws is typically not an excuse for a violation. Also, keep your GPS with you in case you lose track of your route to avoid having to face unexpected traffic or construction delays. Bringing a road map or atlas as a backup doesn’t hurt either.

4. Take Breaks

Even if you think you can soldier through an entire eight or ten-hour drive, it is advisable to stop and stretch your legs from time to time. Aches, pains, and cramps are inevitable during a long-distance drive, which can divert your attention from the road. By taking frequent breaks, you will get the chance to avoid fatigue, grab some food or coffee, and experience different scenery than the inside of your car. It will also give you the opportunity to inspect your car, check tires for accurate air pressure, and fuel up as needed.

5. Conserve Resources

Use of gas and food should be limited and staggered throughout your trip. It’s more efficient and inexpensive to drive at a slower speed for a longer duration than driving at a faster pace to get to your destination. If you’re willing to slow down a little, you’ll save money on gas and a tire replacement while also avoiding a speeding ticket at the same time. Additionally, consume the food and water you brought in moderation so you don’t run out of all your snacks within the first few hours.

Tires in Your Area

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