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  • Atturo

    Atturo Tires are a popular choice among those who drive SUVs, crossovers, sports trucks, light trucks, and 4x4s. This is because they’re designed in a number of different sizes and for demanding driving requirements. At the same time, you can rely on Atturo Tires’ products to provide a smooth ride on the highway and residential … Continue reading Atturo

  • Yokohama

    Yokohama tires are made for a variety of vehicles and all driving conditions. Yokohama Tires is a manufacturer based out of Tokyo which has been in operation since 1917. It began selling tires in the United States in 1969 and currently has two manufacturing facilities here, in Salem, Virginia and West Point, Mississippi. Their tires … Continue reading Yokohama

  • Toyo

    Toyo tires are driven to perform. Toyo Tires is synonymous with high-performance vehicles. The company was founded in 1945 but expanded its operations to the United States in 1966. Cementing its verified expertise in racing, the company currently sponsors its own team of eight drivers, though countless others rely on Toyo Tires to get them … Continue reading Toyo

  • Telstar

    On or off the road, Telstar tires will meet virtually any driving need. Telstar Tires debuted in 1970. The manufacturer offers tires for passenger, UHP (Ultra-High Performance), touring, light-truck, SUV, industrial, off-road, and agricultural vehicles. A long list of manufacturers which extends all over the globe allows Telstar Tires to offer this type of selection … Continue reading Telstar

  • Sumitomo

    Precisely engineered performance tires. Sumitomo Tires has a fascinating history which actually goes all the way back to 1615, when a former Buddhist monk, Sumitomo Masatomo, started the Sumitomo group, a business enterprise which endures to this day. Along with starting this group, Masatomo set down a list of precepts which would guide how his … Continue reading Sumitomo

  • Pirelli

    Italian tires for motorsports, light trucks, passenger cars, and motorcycles. Few tire manufacturers can boast the same history as Pirelli Tires. The company was founded back in 1872 and is currently one of the largest tire manufacturers in the entire world. Pirelli Tires has been sponsoring races since 1907, as well. It is even the … Continue reading Pirelli

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  • Causes of a Recurring Flat Tire

    Why Your Tire Keeps Going Flat A tire that keeps going flat on you during your daily commute or in general becomes very frustrating. Along with being a major annoyance, it also wastes your time and money. Your tire mysteriously going flat becomes more of solving a riddle on what is wrong rather than a … Continue reading 5 Causes of a Recurring Flat Tire

  • Quick Tips for Buying New Tires

    Image via Pexels If you have tires that are worn or underinflated, you put yourself, your vehicle and others at risk. It’s time for you to buy new tires. However, most drivers don’t know enough about tires to make an informed purchase. For many, it comes down to an affordable price, availability, appearance and reputation. … Continue reading 5 Quick Tips for Buying New Tires

  • Ways People Damage Their New Tires

    Image via Wikimedia Commons After spending money on a brand new set of tires, the last thing you want to do is damage them. However, there are a lot of ways you can ruin your brand new tires if you act recklessly. At TreadHunter, we’ve compiled a list of different ways you can do damage … Continue reading 6 Ways People Damage Their New Tires

  • Airplane or Road Trip?

    Image via wikimedia commons Which Mode of Transportation is More Cost Effective? If you’re thinking about making that spontaneous decision of travelling to a fun vacation spot, you’re probably considering whether or not to fly or hit the road. Believe it or not, a road trip will save you more money down the road (no … Continue reading Airplane or Road Trip?

  • Autumn Car Maintenance Tips

    Image via Pexels Properly Prepare Your Car for the Fall Cool weather, leaves changing, pumpkin everything – autumn is one of the greatest times of the year. However, before you can fully enjoy the fall months, you need to make sure your car is in working order. With these helpful tips, your vehicle should be … Continue reading Autumn Car Maintenance Tips

  • Do You Know How Old Your Tires Are?

    Image via Pexels Tires are obviously extremely important to your car, but we tend to take maintaining them for granted because of how expensive they can be. How does not caring for your tires affect the car in the long run, you ask? Tires that are old or in bad shape may affect the car’s … Continue reading Do You Know How Old Your Tires Are?

  • How Winter Tires Will Save You Money

    Image via Pexels   At TreadHunter, we know tire performance is crucial to how your car functions, especially in frigid weather and on icy roads. While it may be expensive to replace tires every season, winter tires really do make all the difference. Better traction, thicker tread, and easier braking are only a few of … Continue reading How Winter Tires Will Save You Money

  • How to Choose the Best Tire Brand for Your Vehicle

    Image via Pexels   Which Tire is Best for Your Car? When deciding which tire to get for your car, you should factor in what kind of weather your region usually has and what kind of car you have. Sticking with your stock tires and getting them replaced when needed is one route you can … Continue reading How to Choose the Best Tire Brand for Your Vehicle

  • How to Decode Tire Sizes

    Choosing the right tire all depends on the tire size. On the sidewall of your tire, you’ll find a code that tells you the tire’s size and capabilities. However, many people do not choose the correct tire size because they do not understand the basics of the code. At TreadHunter, we are experts at finding … Continue reading How to Decode Tire Sizes

  • Hydroplaning: What Causes it and How to Avoid it

    When it comes to bad weather driving, three things stand out; black ice, snow and hydroplaning. Out of these three major bad weather driving conditions, many view hydroplaning as the scariest. The best way to avoid any type of bad weather driving situation is to learn about the conditions and take steps to prevent events, … Continue reading Hydroplaning: What Causes it and How to Avoid it

  • Nitrogen or Air Tires: Weighing the Options

    Image via Pexels Choosing Which Type of Tire At some point in your car-owning career, you may end up asking yourself which type of tire you should choose. Choosing between nitrogen or air is a big decision and commitment. There are advantages and disadvantages to each side, so the choice is not always easy. To … Continue reading Nitrogen or Air Tires: Weighing the Options

  • Original Equipment Tires vs Replacement Tires

    When shopping through Treadhunter’s selection of tires, you’ll most likely see at least one tire marked as “Original Equipment” for your vehicle. Many may wonder if that means the tire is the right one for their vehicle and the answer to that depends on what you want from your tires and how you’ll be using … Continue reading Original Equipment Tires vs Replacement Tires

  • Plus-Sizing Your Tires: Good or Bad for Your Car?

    Image via Pexels Recently, one of the biggest trends in the automotive industry is plus sizing. This refers to installing bigger wheels and tires on a vehicle to enhance its appearance or to improve handling. Although plus sizing may look aesthetically pleasing and may increase traction, these larger wheels and tires are often not as … Continue reading Plus-Sizing Your Tires: Good or Bad for Your Car?

  • The Benefits Of Online Tire Shopping

    Image via pexels.com The Best Deal, Guaranteed Exposure is the main concept behind online tire shopping. Trying to buy tires in-store may mean you are not exposed to all of your options on tire brand and price, leaving you pushed into a purchase before you are truly ready to make it. At TreadHunter we have … Continue reading The Benefits Of Online Tire Shopping

  • Tips For Keeping Your New Car, New

    Image via Pixabay Preserving The ‘New Car’ Feeling Keeping a car feeling and looking new is easy. From some small cleaning habits to a splurge at the car wash, there are many ways to preserve the new car feeling. Even if you have an old car and want it make it shine, check our tips … Continue reading Tips For Keeping Your New Car, New

  • Tips for Driving in Wet Weather

    Driving in not-so-perfect weather conditions can be frightening, as a majority of vehicle accidents happen because of slippery roads. Reduced traction, decreased visibility, and rash driving are only a few side effects of wet roads, making them intimidating to even the most experienced driver. Follow our tips below to keep your trip safe during inclement … Continue reading Tips for Driving in Wet Weather

  • Tips for Your Long Distance Road Trip

    Image via Pexels   Whether you are traveling to see family, are heading on a vacation, or are on your way back to school, long distance drives can be daunting and lengthy. The best way to have a trip without hiccups and headaches is to follow TreadHunter’s five tips below. Long Distance Driving Tips 1. … Continue reading Tips for Your Long Distance Road Trip

  • Tips to Maximize Tire Life

    Image via Pexels Tire replacement can be very costly and time-consuming. If you use precautionary measures, you can stretch the life of your tires much longer than you may think. Here are a few easy tips to make the most out of your tires while still keeping you and your passengers safe! How to Make … Continue reading Tips to Maximize Tire Life

  • TreadHunter and Dunlap and Kyle Tire Co. Announce Partnership

    The Internet tire buying experience is becoming more and more fragmented. Consumers are buying tires from online retail stores and having them installed at other local neighborhood shops. But at TreadHunter, we connect online consumers directly to local retail tire stores in the area, bringing the online tire sale back to neighborhood tire stores and … Continue reading TreadHunter and Dunlap and Kyle Tire Co. Announce Partnership

  • Why Do I Need to Rotate My Tires?

    Every 3,000-5,000 miles, you tires should be rotated. For most drivers, that number has been exceeded significantly, and their tires may be suffering because of it. No, we don’t mean rotated like they do when you drive down the road, we mean having the tires moved from their current positions (front/rear/driver/passenger), to a different position. … Continue reading Why Do I Need to Rotate My Tires?