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Recent Reviews

Rob Schneider

* * * * * Reviewed November 27, 2017

I recommend them as I've taken two of my vehicles to them and they repaired them in a timely manner and they are price competitive. One vehicle was an Audi A7, and the other was a Dodge 2500 4x4 pick up truck (Diesel). My goal is always to support small business when they provide great service at a fair and reasonable price.

Nicole LemaGarcia

* Reviewed March 1, 2018

I am a college student that they took advantage of. I took my car in twice and the problem was not fixed or catered to. They excused it and pushed it to the side. I spent over 150 dollars for nothing. I also wasted my day for a job that was only one hour that was not even fixed. Wasted money on an uber as well. I have called for a week straight without an answer or a call back.

Preston Salisbury

* Reviewed June 29, 2017

The owner Brian quoted me 4-5000 to repair rust and body on my 1965 C10 and it is still not complete since 2013 4 years ago . He's been paid 5500.00 and the truck body is almost complete except the bed which he's been using as a used tire storage container. Bumper and doors removed . I would have expected to get the truck back intact And put back together as I left it. I'm having to hire Another body shop to complete. 4 years of him telling me he will complete the body work and This week I stopped and he's said take the truck because he's not going to finish his agreement that I have in writing from him. Going to see how he handles our agreement and edit this review when I get my truck returned .

Ahmad Carlos

* * * * * Reviewed July 7, 2017

Went back to stock suspension from a dropped coil over set up which is a very tough job that takes a long time. Had it done in a 4 hours perfectly. Labor was reasonable and they were friendly. I will refer them to my friends and family.

Derrick Marshall

* Reviewed November 30, 2017

Bait and hook establishment at best....con man that jerry rigs and destroys classic cars. Fool me once your fault...but never again Bryan Can't believe he wants to be paid for unfinished jobs...