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William Rader

* * * * * Reviewed January 14, 2018

One of the best car buying experiences I have ever had! These guys are friendly and experienced. I will defiantly check with them first when the time comes to buy another vehicle. I will also be going to them for my service on my vehicles. These guys are the ones to buy from. Also a personal thanks to Chris Geraci for meeting me on his day off to make this deal happen. Thanks Chris!

Matt Collins

* Reviewed January 8, 2018

I purchased a car from here and was dumb and trusting. It was the first time I had purchased a car at any lot instead of paying cash out right. I was trying to establish credit and wanted to finance a vehicle with a conpany that would report to all 3 bureaus. They sold me a car that had issues with the tires that they were supposed to fix and then when they didn't fix them they said they would just take $100 off but since the regular fee was $100 they would call it a wash because they had power of attorney. I told me yes of course yes yes yes and the company ended up only reporting to one Credit Bureau. I had a 24% interest rate because I had no existing or prior credit. There were a number of things told to me that we're not true and when they were issues that occurred a number of ways they could have handled it better but since they had the contract they completely dismissed my concerns. Don't send your family here don't send your friends here, shady back room people. They SEEM upfront and honest, unfortunately on the surface only

Erick Rivera

* * * * * Reviewed January 8, 2018

Robyn is the best. She was very profecional, friendly and helpfull through the process of selecting the right vehicle. She answer all my questions in regards of the buying process and try hard to make us feel comfortable. She make sure that I was satisfied with the vehicle and the monthly payments. I am very pleased and thankfull. I will recommend SRQ Auto for sure. Thanks Robyn!

Jim Adkins

* Reviewed September 6, 2017

Regardless of any of the comments either way. We agreed to fix the suspension issues and will, we also agreed to pay for a quoted diagnosis of the electrical system of 49 bucks, I have the text from your salesman that I would be more than happy to post. As far as text messages that's the only way I have been able to get any communication from you. The truck was there 2 days, when it came in the left headlight was not working your tech removed most of the front end and when it left there is no right head light. We were charged $108 bucks and still have no horn, no high beam head lights and a tipm that is faulty. Once again we do not want something for free and know what was agreed to. Ask yourself if you might have a small issue with this. Looking at some other reviews, we should have probably done that first. I'm sure you guys will make yourself feel good about this and will respond that the customer is all wrong.

Dean Petroff

* * * * * Reviewed October 11, 2017

Robin the saleswoman was awesome!! Robin was very knowledgeable, professional and with customers in the office she showed great courtesy/privacy with my personal information. The dealership was very cleaned and the lot was later out well. A+