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Kate McGarr

* * * * * Reviewed June 19, 2018

I found a car online, messaged the dealer and a great gal named Robyn returned my call the next morning. Her call was exactly the right length, she did not try to overwhelm me, just gave me the facts I asked for and left the door open for further contact. I applied online for credit, provided my information to her about my current car, and went in the next day. The car I was interested in was exactly as advertised and she worked very diligently to get the deal done. In a matter of 2 hours, I was in and out, with the new car of my dreams!! Thanks Robyn and the behind the scenes team!!!

Dick Brubaker

* Reviewed July 20, 2018

Had a bad experience with SRQ today. Called on a car yesterday an was told it had an option that we wanted. When I got there having come all the way from Redington Beach the car did not have the option I was told it had. A wasted trip. They did not offer to pay my gas. Buy me lunch. Nothing buyer beware

Frank Hoffman

* * * * * Reviewed July 20, 2018

I just bought my 2nd car at SRQ Auto, 2 years ago I got a great deal. I wanted to upgrade and went to see them again. They sold me a beautiful low mileage car at a fantastic price. They had a carfax on it and I was able to get the best loan interest rate I ever had on an automobile. I was able to get a great warranty as well. Chris Geraci the salesman, Jason the sales manager and Jim the finance Expert took great care of me, Just like family. I'll be back in a few years. If you need a quality car at a great price, there is only one place to go, SRQ Auto Thank you So Much, You people are the best!

Angela Nova

* Reviewed August 9, 2018

Dear OWNER, in response to your words, no we have never had contact because you’ve refused to speak me.. yea, go figure. And more so OWNER, I work overnight, so while you’re asleep, I’m sipping coffee writing reviews just like this :). Naturally I assumed that you’re not using the organ between your head to have thought that far. And as for the first initial post, yes it was positive for the first 3 days (btw you’re welcome Chris) during the transaction but not after the car was delivered. But how about submitting the survey after the car is purchase not during sale and after the car is fully inspected and driven? And let’s see how good your results are. AND trust that I plan on editing the first review to reflect your service and your ignorance. Wait, what? You don’t post the labor pricing and cost?? Wow, another way to CHEAT the people. And where is the area that I can upload pictures? I got some for you to shut your mouth up and lock it in place. It’s 20:26 right at this instant! NOTE THAT! Thanks... ! ...., .... .... Where is the UNLIKE/DESPISE/HATE BUTTON?! I despise companies such as SRQ AUTO, whom claim so much; words, only words. I have the physical proof of the problems, all they have is a check off list! Where is the UNLIKE button?? They do NOT back up their services and if anything they have caused more damage to the car itself. LIES after LIES from the actual OWNER too. You’re selling cars that shouldn’t leave the lot! I have a 30 day warranty on the transmission that's slipping and they REFUSED to work on it. I've reported the problem right away from time of purchase within 24 hours. 4 days have gone by and I confirmed there’s something wrong with the car and the check engine light comes on. But the salesperson Chris was on vacation, conveniently soon after the sale, good for you Chris, a job well done. I even offered to drive from Miami Beach to Bradenton so they can take a look at the problems.. can you believe they’ve refused?!? Now let’s talk about the minor things such as fluids and oil, brake fluids and engine oil are extremely low from when it was dropped off, how can that be if they've "worked" and have "serviced" the car? Again, simple mechanical procedure are done by incompetent workers. What's the point of having warranty if it's not honored!? They've claimed to have done $3000 worth of repairs however in their check off list shows $1030.86 of work done on the car and still nothing to show for and ZERO results. The window doesn't close and the check off list states they’ve changed the regulator on it, usually when you change for the better it’s a fix, a resolution, not in addition to the problem, right? A simple procedure and somehow their techs aren't capable of this. The car would've survived had they not even touch the car itself! Also...! There’s a gift card due to me, I haven’t received it yet as you have claimed to have sent. Where’s the evidence of you sending it? Cheap ass people. A check off list lol. A carbon paper that indicates that you did $1030.86 worth of work on it. Lol. Well, I have a check off list too, let’s compare the 2, shall we? Go ahead, respond to my review, I would love to discuss this openly. I still have it all, text messages and emails during this period. And the BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU report..

Reynaldo Sierra

* * * * * Reviewed July 11, 2018

Best customer service I came to look at a sprinter passenger van and the guy treated us like family very friendly