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Charles Cubero

* * * * * Reviewed December 18, 2017

All around an amazing shop. Anytime I go in there I am in and out no matter how busy they are. Great service, always done right the first time. The owner is such a nice guy as are the techs! Top notch shop!!!

Karen Fay Ottewell

* * * * * Reviewed November 11, 2017

Honest, great mechanics. Friendly and as helpful as can be as am single so need to know that am being helped fairly. Prices are always reasonable and they will keep a car going if budget is tight.

Gus Lopez

* * * * * Reviewed October 31, 2017

Friendly staff, quick work! Had issue with my mud terrain 35's took it to couple places who couldn't balance them right so my jeep was wobbling. Not to mention I paid dealer for alignment that was bad. They fixed me up, car drives smooth and straight as an arrow.

Kristen Underhill

* * * * * Reviewed February 3, 2018

I don't write reviews unless I'm extremely pleased or extremely pissed with services received . In this case i am beyond satisfied with the service i received .I bought a slightly used car with low miles and couldn't drive it bc going in curves or over rr tracks it would jerk me off the road and basically my car was trying to kill me . I had numerous ppl drive and look at it and was about to give up when someone referred me too Weaver's. They instantly figured out what so many mechanics failed to notice and fixed the problem and called me when they said they would to come pick it up .No bulls***, no games, and i can finally drive my freakin car. It drives beautifully and for that i thank you guys. So if you're looking for straight forward and honest service, this is the place to go.

Nadine Lima

* * * * * Reviewed September 15, 2017

The Weaver Tire & Automotive Staff is honest, professional, friendly, fair, and client centric. I highly recommend this place of business!