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Recent Reviews

Vicky Foley

* * * * * Reviewed December 22, 2017

Did a good job of checking out my car and repairing it. Highly recommend

Roxy Hubble

* * * * * Reviewed July 21, 2016

Very professional and friendly staff at a great price. Highly recommended, very honest work and no surprise fixes. Happy to have found a "keeper"for all our vehicle needs!

Brandon Evans

* * * * Reviewed March 17, 2017

"Both times went very well, reasonably priced, and I will be back in the future."

Eric Edward

* * * * * Reviewed April 23, 2015

Quality shop! They replaced the ac in my late model Nissan for half the price the dealership quoted and found and fixed an electrical issue as well. The proprietors have a real love for their craft and it shows, will return if needed in the future. Waiting room and bathroom is very clean.

Fun Central Action News

* * * * * Reviewed October 15, 2015

The owners are both there every day. They save me money. I flip cars as a hobby and the first thing I do every time I get a mystery car problem is take it there. He's a mechanics mechanic. Honest people