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Justin Lambert

* Reviewed November 15, 2016

Got a 3 series BMW from this place and not much longer after owning, problems started to pop up and it was sent to the BMW dealership for repairs. $2500 total for all the repairs. They had mentioned they're "awesome" warranty which literally does nothing. I took it back to them and they say they're not going to do anything about it and actually forced to leave the dealership or 911 was going to be called. They are also financed through themselves. Not a good place to go to buy a car. They do not care about they're customers.

Mike Lang A

* * * * * Reviewed December 29, 2016

Great place if you're looking to save money on a car. They also offer in house financing which is a great option for us with less than good or no credit.

Shawn S

* Reviewed January 27, 2017

Horrible experience. Bought a 2009 Mazda 6i Grand Touring on 01/26/2017 with 106,956 (dealer put on paperwork 106,868 which is not accurate) from them on the way home the battery was smoking due to the dealer putting a bad battery in the car (dealer had to keep jump starting the car to get it to run). On my way home I pulled over due to an strange smell. I figured it may have been the battery so I had a friend bring me to a local walmart to get a new battery. Once we put the new battery in the car, the car went into security lockdown witch would not allow the car to start. We tried contacting Elite Cars Sales and they refuse to answer. After getting the car towed at 1am in the morning, we called our local Mazda dealer (we also contacted Elite Car Sales as well with no answer). Mazda told us due to the dealer trying to jumpstart the car so many times it put the car into a security lockout. Later that night we attempted again to get into with the Elite Car Sales team with no reply. After speaking with our family lawyer they suggested we do a vehicle history report on the car. After running the full vehicle report it showed that Elite Car Sales register the car last at 112,000 miles on 01/20/2016 which means they changed out the odometer of the vehicle. I will returning the vehicle tomorrow with my lawyer and clearwater police department. DON'T TRUST THESE PEOPLE THEY ARE CROOKS AND DESERVE TO BE IN JAIL.


* * * * * Reviewed March 27, 2015

Excellent service!!! Great owners and very nice and wide selection of very reasonable priced cars. I would never go anywhere else to buy a car. And it makes it even easier with their finance option. Why would you spend thousands more anywhere else? Shop at Elite Car Sales and save your money wisely

K Lambo

* Reviewed September 6, 2016

WORST CAR DEALERSHIP IN CLEARWATER FLORIDA. Owner is completely careless. Sales man knows nothing about the cars. I got a white bmw the car has had nothig but problems, its sitting there for a month now. I've seen multiple people with the same problem. I would put negative stars is allowed. Avoid these con artist.