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Mogens Troelsen

* * * * * Reviewed October 18, 2017

I had a great experience yesterday getting my oil changed. Very friendly owner and mechanic. They gave me good prices on future repairs I may need but did not push me to buy services right now that I didnt need and I appreciate this. They were happy to use my oil and filter and only charged a small fee for the labor which I have not been able to get done elsewhere so they really stand out as a good service place and I will come back again when I need any repairs on my Hyundai Santa Fe.


* * * * * Reviewed September 19, 2017

I just bought a car here and I am super ecstatic happy I mean there's no words how to explain how happy I am about buying a car from this place these men have literally left my jaw dropping because they sold me a car before it even was on for sale and they gave me such an excellent but I mean excellent deal I bought a 2007 low mileage car from them and the deal was just extraordinary I mean I cannot express how happy the this place has given me. If I were to buy another car which I am so going to do so because I have a brother that needs a car probably in several months from now I'm going to go back and purchase another car the cars are good quality low mileage compared to the ones that Craigslist has out there and they offer you warranty because he does no harm to anyone he takes the time to explain some things to you and he offers a great deal as every person out there who needs a car I can't stress enough go to this place and if you're not happy with what he has let him know he will look for a car for you and once again I am extremely happy with buying a car I have not had a problem and remember guys this is a used car that I bought from a dealership which is a great deal great car great condition and any little damage there is like cosmetic damage like a scratch or something it's not a big deal because it's the life of the engine and the car that counts and this place carries it besides having good used cars well taken care of I cannot express the scene of come by the car here I'm so happy and I will never ever go somewhere else I am going to always buy a car here. And if its not to buy a car seriously come get your car fixed here!

Michael Scarborough

* * * * * Reviewed February 10, 2018

Plugged and patched my tire reasonable price friendly service

Sabre DeTerra

* * Reviewed November 4, 2016

THEY LIE. Don't ever buy a car here. I just had to return the car. Mechanic is good though.

Rayan Ibrahim

* * * * * Reviewed August 7, 2014

best prices i could found, and the serves was great. my car never have problems again. Thanks for the work