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Recent Reviews

Jeremy Barrio

* Reviewed August 20, 2018

I called before coming and they told me it would take an hour total for the wait and the service. After I arrived I waited 2 hours with no service; I finally had to go back to work. I came back after work and they made me wait another hour and a half. How did they apologize? By waiving the $2.00 disposal fee. They do not value customers at all here. And why the long wait? First because they had forgotten to ask the customer befor me for his keys, and then because they had put the tires on wrong for a different customer. No discount is worth ever coming here.

Yamel Perez

* Reviewed July 6, 2018

I don’t recommend this place..., wait until you need them and you will see what’s the value of a customer for them. Bought 4 Good Year tires there, the right rear tire started having an issue, I went there since it was still under warranty, one tech inspected not the tire but the car and started blaming the suspension, they just look for issues with your car not to deal with the real problem..., continuing with the story the tech explained what was the issue and called the supervisor to confirm, then the supervisor asked him to stop since nothing was wrong with the suspension but then this last one found an issue with the actual tire, “a flat spot”, I didn’t see such flat spot but its all about perception right..., bottom line is they didn’t help me even when the tire was under warranty, they tried to find issues with the car to send me home so they did... --------------------------------------------------------- Since I can't give you a new review I will reply here and bottom line is you guys were fighting each other about the issue, one blaming suspension and the other saying the tire had a flat spot. You guys just look for a reason not to deal with the real problem which is the tire you sold me.


* * * * * Reviewed July 17, 2018

I've been going to CarShoez since they were in Davie. I've brought them everything from car with small 13" rims to large luxury cars & they always had far better prices than the national tire stores. They have also gotten me extremely rare tire sizes within 24 hours: I once wanted an extremely small tire for a microcar lowrider I had built (the size was something small & oddball like 145/80r13) & they got them the next day & were very inexpensive...they do have a few small competitors that I've been to, but the fact that CarShoez is open Sundays & that I've never had to wait long to get the tires installed, means I will keep coming back.

Manuel Alvarez

* Reviewed August 16, 2018

Called the day before asking for a tire change next day, first thing. The guy said no problem, they open at 7a.m, quoted me a price. Said good I'll be there.I was under serious time constraints/obligations and the guy didn't show up till 725 am. Saw him as I was leaving to go to another place. They lost me and probably another customer who was also there early and left.

Torsten Wedel

* * * * * Reviewed August 25, 2018

This shop is old school, let me tell you, found this little gem literally by accident the day I put my aftermarket spoiler on the car. The service Adamand his team provided is amazing. A few days later I had ordered soneaftermarket wheels and tires from an online stat which totallly messed up, I called Adam thr manager of Carshoez who rescue, the tires abd wheels were dangerously moubted and balanced to a point of almost killing me. Adam and his forman Tony did an outstanding job, just to get bakck and do my brrak uogradr and caliper customizatiin... This is a one stop shop... Trust me, and thr pricr these guys charging for tirrs and wheels are AMAZING and extremely competitive.