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Alisha Stevens

* Reviewed February 7, 2018

This location is honestly the worst! My fiancé came here with my car in March, instead of telling him they didn’t know how to do an oil change on a Mini Cooper they took it to the back, and instead of draining the oil they drained my transmission fluid. Thank god they didnt put oil in the wrong spot but fixed the issue 3 hours it took them. Speed up to today 2/7/18 me and my fiancé went up there and the guy asked us why our oil change was free last time I told him the issue so he knew and understood there is no room for error again. Getting back my Mini Cooper they knocked one of my wheel weight loose so when I went 40 mph my car and steering wheel shook. We called them back scared to drive the car, and all they said was it was probably my tire and to come back in just to spend more money on a test. I took my car to a personal mechanic and told us the only thing wrong was the wheel weight was knocked loose when they did tire rotation. Wow someone that can actually be honest. This location is a joke, and needs serious work when it comes to their mechanics, and management. Will not be giving this place a 3rd chance.

allan ashinoff

* * * Reviewed December 27, 2017

Had problems with my car they sent the tow truck down to help me out they were so helpful I give them 5 stars

Christopher Macneil

* * * * * Reviewed April 8, 2017

Sean and Wayne were absolutely awesome to deal with. Ordered a tire for me .. Called me the minute it was in and took care of me immediately to get me back on the road. Nothing but good things to say.. Great Job Guys. KUDOS.

EL__ 513

* Reviewed June 23, 2017

Claimed i did burn outs in an all wheel drive (c240 4matic)and burnt out only the back tires??!!The real reason was poor alignment or lack there of got it realigned by Firestone. just go to Firestone.

Arthur Mueller

* * * * * Reviewed January 27, 2018

Took care of me quick