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Sylina Barwick

* Reviewed January 25, 2018

I had my car towed in on a Thursday because it kept stalling. The receptionist who is also the wife was very rude to me when I called to make sure that my car arrived with no problem. After a whole day of hearing no update I called to get one with no answer. I didn't receive a call back with an update so I tried the next day (Friday) with no answer. Needless to say, I didn't get a hold of anyone until Wednesday and they told me that the car was ready and they didn't find a problem with driving it. When arriving, I went into the office to grab my keys to be greeted by cut-outs of full naked women. Now it is Thursday of the following week and my car stalled 7 times on the way to work this morning. I do not recommend going here if you want communication and your car fixed.

Dawn M. Hickman

* * * * * Reviewed May 2, 2017

Integrity, honest, reliable Automotive company. Run by caring individuals. That in itself is a rare find in any company. I have yet to find peace of mind in an Automotive company. I know I will be treated as a person ...not a woman, Joe help explain to me the necessary essentials of my car. They just put new tires on my car. Excellent choice of tires at an honest fair price (no hidden add on fees). Now my speedy car "The Boss" feels like she is hugging the road and feels like she owns the roads. Vroom, Vroom. Thank you to you all. I will never go anywhere else. My most sincere appreciation. Dawn M. Hickman.

Los M

* Reviewed January 12, 2017

Told me I might have a misfire that he checked all my wires and one was loose but still misfiring. When I got home and checked myself one wire was completely taken off. Had he checked like he said he would have seen that right? Or did he deliberately take wire off thinking I would just let him proceed with "repair"... either way not happy and will not go back ever....


* * * * * Reviewed March 8, 2016

Called this shop for repair quote on my cooling system leak, he replied no charge to find out what the problem was. Went to his shop within 10 minutes he knew what the problem was he quoted me the price the next morning car was fixed perfectly also the quote did not change. I highly advise anyone who needs a honest and reliable shop for repairs this should be first on your list!!!!

Clay Gaines

* * * * * Reviewed July 14, 2016

Very honest and fair on prices. Also very knowledgeable of a wide variety of vehicles.