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Katherine Butler

* * * * * Reviewed January 25, 2018

I can honestly say this is the one place my husband and I take out vehicles! They are trustworthy, honest, and do high quality work. After my parents moved to the area, this was the only place I recommended to my Dad when they started having vehicle repair and maintenance needs. They have been providing all of our automotive needs for years and they will continue to do so. Thank you for outstanding service!

John Patterson

* * * * * Reviewed November 22, 2017

John who owns the shop is a man of integrity and grace. I mistakenly purchased the incorrect tires for my RV the day before Thanksgiving and even though he was slammed with other customers he managed to squeeze me in. He saved Thanksgiving for my family of 6 children. I HIGHLY recommend this fine business to anyone looking for a person who will deal fairly with you. God Bless Johnny Myers!

Michael Griffin

* * * * * Reviewed February 1, 2018

These guys get it. I own a fleet of vehicles and have used them for years. Always happy to take care of any of your needs and locally owned and operated.

Ashya Andujar

* Reviewed December 28, 2017

I had came for a small valve fix on my front left tire of my '04 Hyundai. I left satisfied! Until they tell me that there was a small mistake. No problem. I heard that they accidentally broke the door handle on the inside of my drivers door. A nub is out, which has a rather sharp edge. I called and spoke to the business owner after I was transferred without warning by an associate, John, & he tells me that the mistake is "common" & its just a "coincidence" that his mechanic was the one to break it. Then they inform me that I need to pay labors and fees to have it put back on. SIMPLY- I would pay for their mistake. Obviously someone isnt aware of their own strength. I have worked on both new and used dealerships for years. Even sold cars. Interior pieces, no matter the material aren't easy things to just rip off. And OBVIOUSLY, there are still business owners around SWFL who truly don't care about the customer or the fact that we went to them for a fix- and ended with another problem. Thanks Johnny Myers, I'll add that to the list of fixes my 04 GT needs.

Mark Kearschner

* * * * * Reviewed December 25, 2017

I found the owner and Mech at Johnny Myers to be the most honest and experienced tire / repair shop in Ft Myers. The only place I take the family car for the last 7 years, good prices and quality work.