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Recent Reviews

Armand Lopez

* Reviewed December 6, 2017

I go in to get a flat fixed. The guy said I need rotors. The office girl comes out and says I need rotors. I say give me a written estimate, thanks. I come back from getting a soda and my rear tires are pulled and there are rotors on the ground. I did not tell her to do this work and did not sign a release. I tell her to put my car back together. She says it will cost $150 to put it back Why? She knows I'll dispute it. So I tell them to put the rotors on and finish it. $ Crooks and losers. After thinking of the events of yesterday I asked myself what went wrong? The problem is that their primary language IS NOT English! I'm not a xenophobe but the office girl translates. The guys in the garage DO NOT speak English. And to be honest the girl in the office speaks broken English. What I told her and what she heard were two different things. Go someplace else to avoid the aggravation. Caveat Emptor!

Jim DeFee

* Reviewed November 18, 2017

Left my car with them before Hurricane for tune up, as my engine had not been running smooth, they told me if they another problem they would call me, no call went to pick next day, was told everything was OK except a motor mount bolt was broke but they replaced. Then I left with car and found engine running rough still. Took car back up after they reopened from hurricane, they checked out and said it was because, I had a broken motor mount! So dummy me I leave it with them again, told them I would pick next day at 4:30, (sign said open till 6.) went back and they were closed at 4:30! I had another key, drove car home, still not running smooth. He calls me 8:00 next morning, asked if I took car, said yes, told him he knew I would be there at 4:30, he could had called if closing early, and he said you coming up to pay bill, said I would but car still not running smooth. I paid him told him I quess I need to find a Mechanic that can figure out what is wrong, he said "quess so". If you want a parts changer go see them, if you need to know what is wrong with your car, go somewhere else.

Michael Lewerenz

* Reviewed November 14, 2017

This tire shop is probably the worst place you could go and Lee County they are very slow incompetent and rude people they screwed me over twice and I will never go there again and I strongly recommend that you don't go there either

Angelo Cupo

* * * * * Reviewed March 23, 2016

Went there today to get a tune up and oil change, i was quoted a very affordable price. The service was quick and the mechanics were very friendly and informative. I am def coming back and would recommend them. Thank you!

Mobile Games The Best Of The Best

* * * * * Reviewed June 21, 2016

I went there to get a tune up and 4 new tires and it was quick and the prices were unbeatable.