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Carlos Castillo

* * Reviewed January 2, 2017

First and foremost this company is very competitively priced and am completely happy with the finished job. They WILL offer you the best price in town! But, you get what you pay for. It's uncertain if any one will answer their phone and the voicemail seems to be full so you can't leave a message nor if they are true to their hours of operation as I arrived 45 minutes before closing time and the door was locked. I reached the point that I desperately wanted the wheels to arrived and finish my business with them; which I understand if there's any complications with shipping, but was never called on the scheduled date if they arrived or not. With that said, investing in aftermarket wheels is a not cheap, customers pay a lot of money for these items and a lot of time picking the right ones out. I think this company should have better customer interaction as it overshadows their actual work.

Brian Fobian

* Reviewed June 17, 2017

This place is super hard, to see from the road, I passed it twice, before finding it, when I finally did, and was about, to park my van, there is btw pretty much no where to park, in front of the store, the owner starts yelling at me, waving his hands in the air, to get out of his way, as he was about, to move an autocamper, very rude. This is not a way, to treat customers, or any other people in general. I took my 500$ repair to another shop. Next time, try behaving polite and normal.

carmen carriero

* * * * * Reviewed June 18, 2017

I have taken multiple vehicles to Automotive Concepts the staff has treated me very well, always given me options on parts and services to fit budget and timeframe. Very honest and reasonable and that's what sets them apart!

Rob Fun

* * * * * Reviewed September 8, 2016

The owner of this shop is amazing!!!!!! he literally helped me off the side of the road with two flat tires. He took them off for me and took me to the shop where he changed both tires for me. All this at 8 PM at night. To top everything off he only charged me for the tires and even helped with a bearing issue i had. This is 100% my new tire/mechanic guy. :)

Ryan Carter

* Reviewed April 7, 2015

When first meeting Paul (owner) and talking about putting new tires on my car, he seemed like a decent fit. He was reasonably priced. He was disorganized and did not need any type of contract. So he put the tires on (20 inch rims) and they looked good. There were however a few scuffs on the rims that were not there before but I did not care to make a stink about it since it was a leased car and I really did not have the time to get mad about it. I should of taken his disorganization and sloppiness as a sign. So I brought in a project jeep I have and had him work on the brakes and install a new master cylinder as well as install some new rims on the jeep. The master cylinder he installed was not the right size (i later found out) and he had lost the bolts for cover for the locking hubs (lost 10 small chrome bolts). I was not surprised he lost them given the sloppiness of the shop. He told me he would get some new ones and to come back later that week. I did this and he had forgot and he said to come back again. I l came back once and he was not there so I let several weeks go by because it was Christmas time. I came back again in the new year and he did not have them. I came back again a week later and he said he forgot them and that he would get them and bring them to me that day or the following day. This of course did not happen. So I drove over there again and he did have 5 of them, I reminded him that he was supposed to have 10 of them since that is how many he lost. He looked annoyed because I wanted the items of mine that he lost and then told me I could go buy them myself at a hardware store and turned around and walked away. He said this in a very irritable tone with a look on his face like he did not want to help anyone. No goodbye, no apology,,,,,just an ultimatum for me to spend my money on something he lost. I never ever write bad reviews unless it really was something that people should know about and if it is something that is somewhat unbelievable. This was one of those.