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Recent Reviews

Nicholas Boxold

* Reviewed August 11, 2018

I liked the individuals I met here, but I was not at all satisfied with the work I received. I brought in my car to get new rims, tires, brakes, and lower suspension. I knew the exact size of the tires & rims I wanted, and for the suspension I had one request -- I don't want it so low that I can't go over speed bumps. What was supposed to be a 1 (maaaaybe 2?) day job, turned into a 7 day ever increasing cost nightmare. 1st problem, is that the shop ordered 17 inch rims to fit the 18 inch tires I had requested. Seriously. Because the rims take longer to order than the tires, I ended up going with 17 inch tires, so already my car is not turning out the way I had asked. I get the car back from the shop 2 days after I dropped it off and the suspension they put on it was so low that the tires are tucked up inside the wheel wells. Definitely not getting over any speed bumps. I decided to try driving it for a couple days, and then I find that not only is the suspension too low, every time I make a left turn there is a metal scrapping metal and eventual whine sound. Also confirmed that the car bottoms out over even small speed bumps. I bring the car back to the shop again. I tell them in addition to getting the scraping noise figured out, I want the OEM suspension back on because literally the one parameter I asked for (I want to be able to go over speed bumps) wasn't met. They agree to do it. This takes another 2 days. I come back to get my car, and they charge me another $600 for fixing their mistake. I get in the car to drive away, and the car hasn't been aligned correctly. The steering wheel is about 10 degrees off to the left when you drive the car straight. I bring the car back to the shop again. After 2 weeks of hassle and 7 days of the car being in the shop for what should have taken 1, my car is still not right. The hack job they did on it this time has left the front of the car riding about a half inch higher than the rear. I made the decision to not let them touch out anymore as I'm afraid of what problem they're going to create next. If you need work done, find a better place.

Mark Deep

* * * * * Reviewed April 10, 2018

I will recommend to anybody that asks. I will also, never take my vehicles anywhere else. It's tough to call a trip to the mechanic a great experience...but, this was. Thanks guys. Oops and gal!

Julie Davison

* * * * * Reviewed January 6, 2018

Are you looking for a honest repair shop? Then look no further! I dealt with Paul and from the first phone call to the last transaction he was just outstanding through the whole situation. He went over and above to make sure everything was ok. My experience was one of the best. He even came out and talked to me a few times while they were waiting on a part for my car, despite being busy. He was a great gentleman to work with. I will be coming back if I have any issues again. 5 Stars isn't enough ratings for this shop. Scrolling through so many shops and so very glad I found this one! And did I mention, extremely reasonable prices to?! Good prices + Good service = Excellence! That is truly what I got here! :)

Carlos Castillo

* * Reviewed January 2, 2017

First and foremost this company is very competitively priced and am completely happy with the finished job. They WILL offer you the best price in town! But, you get what you pay for. It's uncertain if any one will answer their phone and the voicemail seems to be full so you can't leave a message nor if they are true to their hours of operation as I arrived 45 minutes before closing time and the door was locked. I reached the point that I desperately wanted the wheels to arrived and finish my business with them; which I understand if there's any complications with shipping, but was never called on the scheduled date if they arrived or not. With that said, investing in aftermarket wheels is a not cheap, customers pay a lot of money for these items and a lot of time picking the right ones out. I think this company should have better customer interaction as it overshadows their actual work.

Delana Reagan

* * * * * Reviewed February 8, 2018

Honest, trustworthy & thorough work! Highly recommended!