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Rob & Sue Tangredi

* Reviewed October 5, 2017

Worst shop in town. Completely unprofessional owners. Unqualified staff. Ruined many vehicles including my truck. Too many other quality shops and good people in area. Completely lied to me on many occasions. 239 car club has 9000 of the biggest car enthusiasts in the area and they are as quiet as a church mouse on there forum. Worst reputation in town. Can't fix what's broken.

Dylan Mcdonnell

* * * * * Reviewed August 16, 2017

Just got the corvette tuned. Joe owner and Luigi the tuner are examples of the few people who still care about the customer experience. By far the best experience I have had with the aftermarket. I suggest if you are looking for the best tuner and best all around performance shop you save yourself the time and come here first.

Russell Hensel

* Reviewed September 27, 2017

It saddens me that I have to write this review, but my experience has been very poor since the start. I have given them every opportunity to do the right thing and yet they continue to try and take advantage of me. During the initial interview with them I told them that my truck was at SEMA quality and I was looking for a SEAM quality professional. I gave them a budget of $2500 to fix electrical issues and install some lights and get my stereo tuned. They reviewed the job and agreed and said it would take a week. After three weeks they only fixed one of my 15 items I asked to be repaired or upgraded and made another alproximately 15 items inoperable, so they made my truck WORSE than when I brought it to them and charged me about $3500 and told me it was going to be even more! He will always say he has way more hours into something, but if it take his guy 5 hours to change a light bulb doesn't mean it's worth the $100 an hour he is charging! I have emails and responses from their company proving what I am saying is a fact. Please do yourself a favor and take your vehicle elsewhere as this shop has no management or professional skills at all. They charge $100 an hour and I have no idea if they are even certified in ANYTHING! Learn from my mistake and once again I have proof and confirmation of what they have done. Thanks for reading this review and hopefully it will be a financial reward to listen and learn from my experience.

Brandon Watchowski

* Reviewed December 4, 2017

I should write a review for how many times I had to call to see if my car was done, a review for how many times I was lied to, and for the garbage final product that Optimus left me with. Good job guys. if you need to see how well they perform, just ask anyone who left a bad review to show you their car... i'm still paying other people to fix their mess. They reached out to me to fix my car from an accident and took 109 DAYS to finish the job!

Anthony Blasini

* * * * * Reviewed October 18, 2017

Josh who answered the phone was very professional from the start. He answered all my questions and concerns accurately and quickly. Anyone who own's an INFINITI or even any other type of vehicle I highly recommend you go there and give these guys a shot. I have a Q50 Red Sport 400, they installed my exhaust and it sounds and looks amazing. Any car enthusiast looking for good prices, quality, and reliability spread the word. Met with a couple of other people at their shop, all around good guys. I will definitely recommend all my INFINITI client's or anyone in general looking to upgrade their vehicle's. This is the spot!