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Recent Reviews

Patrick Pirszel

* Reviewed June 8, 2018

If i could give zero stars, I would. Terrible customer service, called and emailed about 20 times and never even got a reply back. Exhaust took about a month to get to me, which isn't bad but started to rust after 3 months. When i sent it back to them to get it replaced they wanted me to pay for their shipping costs. Furthermore, when the exhaust came back to me the tips were welded on crooked. In the end I would never order from this company and luckily got a refund from my credit card company because optimus would not give me one. Overall, they are a terrible company, the customer service sucks and don't order from them unless you want a terrible product that isn't backed by the manufacturer.

Brandon Watchowski

* Reviewed April 27, 2018

I'm taking my own advice and writing a bad review for each lie/ visit during this sh!&show of an experience. Technically I can write a review for each experience according to Googles guidelines. This bad review is for the stop into your shop to check on my car to only be told "it's in the booth" for the 10th time. What ticked me off was the day Joe and I spoke (Wednesday) and he said my car would be done Tuesday. I call on Monday and ask if my car is still scheduled to be done Tuesday (tomorrow). "oh... uh, yeah. Can I call you back later in the week?" "Joe, you said my car would be done Tuesday. Tomorrow! Tomorrow is Tuesday" Joe: "oh yeah, it wont be done tomorrow" At this point i thought you guys chopped my car. I hadn't seen it in 100 days! It was at some 'god knows where' frame puller for months. At this point of the story I told them I needed my car done this week. Joe promised it would be done Wednesday. Okay. Good. Wednesday comes around and I call Joe asking how my car is coming along and if it will be done. He told me yes. Everything is coming along. Around 4:30 I get a call saying that they are going to need more time... like another day. At this point I told Joe, "I'm coming to see my car. I need to see that my car is physically there!" We drove straight to the shop and I was walked back to my car. THEY HADN'T EVEN STARTED PAINTING IT YET. Joe, you know how many times your guys told me my car was in the booth? Literally everyone thinks when they hear "the car is in the booth" they think, paint booth.... So here's my car in what looks like a blow up bouncy castle, with primer still on it. I now know my car is going to look terrible once it is painted, and it does. Clear coat drips, speckles, and best of all, NO BLEND TO MATCH THE REST OF THE VEHICLE. jeeze guys, my grandma even notices the mismatch! Heck Joe, I have your former employees seeing my car and apologizing for what you put me through. You did a half ass job, promised to make it up to me by powdercoating my wheels (WHICH STILL HAS NOT BEEN DONE), and have the nerve to tell me a check you cut for $127 was enough compensation for the delay in work. MY RENTAL CAR BILL WAS OVER $4000. Don't you worry. The next time I'm all heated from seeing the imperfections all over my car, I'll write the review for the last time my car was in your shop where this exact phrase came from your desk guys mouth, "oh... that's your exhaust? We were wondering who that belonged to." You know? That time that I literally had to coordinate the entire day and nothing that was coordinated happened and you tried to pawn my car off onto Nick? I'll refresh your memory later here on Google for all to see.

Rob & Sue Tangredi

* Reviewed October 5, 2017

Worst shop in town. Completely unprofessional owners. Unqualified staff. Ruined many vehicles including my truck. Too many other quality shops and good people in area. Completely lied to me on many occasions. 239 car club has 9000 of the biggest car enthusiasts in the area and they are as quiet as a church mouse on there forum. Worst reputation in town. Can't fix what's broken.

Dylan Mcdonnell

* * * * * Reviewed August 16, 2017

Just got the corvette tuned. Joe owner and Luigi the tuner are examples of the few people who still care about the customer experience. By far the best experience I have had with the aftermarket. I suggest if you are looking for the best tuner and best all around performance shop you save yourself the time and come here first.

Russell Hensel

* Reviewed September 27, 2017

It saddens me that I have to write this review, but my experience has been very poor since the start. I have given them every opportunity to do the right thing and yet they continue to try and take advantage of me. During the initial interview with them I told them that my truck was at SEMA quality and I was looking for a SEAM quality professional. I gave them a budget of $2500 to fix electrical issues and install some lights and get my stereo tuned. They reviewed the job and agreed and said it would take a week. After three weeks they only fixed one of my 15 items I asked to be repaired or upgraded and made another alproximately 15 items inoperable, so they made my truck WORSE than when I brought it to them and charged me about $3500 and told me it was going to be even more! He will always say he has way more hours into something, but if it take his guy 5 hours to change a light bulb doesn't mean it's worth the $100 an hour he is charging! I have emails and responses from their company proving what I am saying is a fact. Please do yourself a favor and take your vehicle elsewhere as this shop has no management or professional skills at all. They charge $100 an hour and I have no idea if they are even certified in ANYTHING! Learn from my mistake and once again I have proof and confirmation of what they have done. Thanks for reading this review and hopefully it will be a financial reward to listen and learn from my experience.