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Marelin Rivera

* * * * * Reviewed December 11, 2017

Great experience, drove around the area to different shops. All wanted to charge me an arm and a leg. Carlos tires gave me a great price in getting my car fixed. Noise is gone and car is driving great have not had any issues since. Went back for four new tires great prices as well. Definitely would do business with them again. Highly recommended.

sung lee

* * * * * Reviewed February 21, 2018

My wife and I were headed from Tampa to st. Augustine. It’s close to 150+ miles. We had a nail in my tire and had another 80 miles to go. We called Carlos tire and shop and even though they were closing they decided to wait for us and patch up the tire. Carlos tire and shop thank you for everything!

Roxana Nieves

* * * * * Reviewed January 27, 2018

Best in Town! I tried so many places this is the best!

Eduardo Villegas

* Reviewed July 21, 2017

If you are looking for cheap tires this is the place to go. But don't expect customer service like you would see at other tire shops. Everything seemed perfect at first but then the problems came as soon as I drove off the lot. I stopped at a gas station that was nearby when I noticed that the valve stem caps were missing. I then headed back to the shop to get them back and put them on myself. An easy task but I would assume that they would do it since it was a part of their job. Two days passed and on my way to work I had to make a stop so that I don't pass a red light, the car didn't come to a complete stop so I applied more pressure to the brake. In the end I was left in a cloud of smoke as the asphalt tore off the treads from one of my tires causing the car to feel as if it had a flat tire. After work the low tire pressure light came on when I turned it in and so I headed to the nearest gas station to fix the problem when I noticed that all of my tires were not filled to the specified tire pressure for the vehicle. Now my new tire is worthless.. Hoping to get some kind of deal for having that happen to my wheel in such a short time I headed back to the tire shop. Little sympathy and no discount was given, much less a warranty..

Cory Daigneault

* Reviewed December 3, 2017

Worst expeirence ever in my whole life they took 5 hrs for an hr job maybe hr and half an still not completed went there to put 4 brand new tires on and balanced and alignment.. do to new tie rods that i put on prior to coming up to there shop and they make me wait all this time and could never get alignment even remotly close then he said ill give u a 10 doller discount for waiting so long then wen i leave to test car 3 diff times and got worst every time he said ill give u ur money bak and took the 10 doller discount for waiting bak and tht was given for waiting wow really cant get the job done give my money bak and take 10dollers bak tht was suppose to be for waiting and now its too late to go to a real shop to get my car alignment right and waisted my only day off sunday very crappy people and now my only tranportation has brand new 300+doller set of tires get ruined bec bad alighnment now i have to drive to work erly monday morning and chew my tires up before i can go get a decent alighnment there alighnment machine is down hes using string and eyeballs so ...crappy people woudnt even recommend geting a tire pluged i watched and old guy pull up they put ne off to the side wen he was working on my car and the guy had a nail in his tire the old guy/customer thought it was leaking i watched them check tire pulled nail and it was barely in there...there was no leak at all then they try to poke a whole in it were tire had nail and no luck never get get thru the tire bec it was barley penetrated and then put tire back on the truck the guy asked ifbthey pluged he replys yes but he didnt plug just made the mark in tire worst and chrged him for tire repair and the tire did not get fixed bec it wasent messed up THEY DONT EVEN DESERVE A 1 STAR....IF U GO THERE BE PREPAIRED TO SSTAY ALL DAY AND GET NOTHING FOR UR MONEY