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Recent Reviews

Charis Natal

* * * * * Reviewed August 8, 2018

I visited here today for an oil change and wheel alignment. Thankfully I got here at 9am because after that there were non stop arrivals. I have to say, this shop touched my heart, as busy as everyone was, the men and women took time out to take care of everyone. At one point, an elderly lady stopped in and said her oil light was on but had just had an oil change. One of the guys grabbed his tester, walked out and cleared her dashboard charge, no fobbing off, no irritation - just pure gentlemanly care. I will be back for any vehicle needs that I have.

Cindy Schaefer

* * * * * Reviewed September 5, 2018

They are honest and fast. They treat women exceptionly good

Gregg Evans

* * * * * Reviewed June 18, 2018

Quick repair of a flat tire. Good people Henry, one of the owners can be trusted with your vehicles. None of the nonsense you find in the chain stores today.

Bertas comedy

* * * * * Reviewed August 15, 2018

People were nice. Fixed the car in a hurried fashion giving me great deals.

Sahily Waldorff

* Reviewed February 23, 2018

This place is a joke. I took my car to get tires mounted and balanced. When i called, the guy on the phone said $10 a wheel to mount and balance. I dropped my car off with the new tires i had just purchased and they told me “an hour- hour and half.” 3 hours later, i called to check on it and they only told me that they weren’t done and they would call when it was. At 5, when they were closing they finally called and told me it was ready. When we show up to pick it up, they tell me that it now cost $30 a wheel to mount and balance the tires. Extremely confused i asked why and the guy at a desk, when you walk in, tells us that it was “a really hard job and that it took 3 guys to do it”. I was pissed, because instead of calling me to tell me that they were going to charge me more because of how difficult the jobs was, they did it anyways. Some guy started getting loud say that he should have charged by the hour and made it more expensive and if i didn’t pay the $30 a wheel, they were keeping my car. The guy on the phone that told me $10 a wheel even said that he was to blame for the miss communication but they still continued to charge me $120. AGAIN, THIS PLACE IS A JOKE! I don’t know why any of this was my problem, i took my car to have a service done and was cheated. Don’t take your car here, they’ll only rip you off..