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Roger Woodhead

* * * * * Reviewed June 27, 2018

Funny story, my truck was towed here by mistake. It’s the best thing that could have happened to me. Outstanding customer service,unbelievably honest and highly skilled mechanics. I had a transmission rebuilt/ front brakes/ upper control arm replaced / motor mounts replaced and some belt work done. They walked me through everything and explained in detail the work they preformed. Here the kicker ever worn out part they replaced they saved and showed it to me when I picked the truck up. I will be back here for any service my vehicles need.

M Quinn

* * * * * Reviewed July 12, 2018

Richard is AWESOME! My fiancé’s car needed to be towed and he and his team took care of it immediately. Great repair shop and honest fair prices. I’ll be taking my car to this place whenever I need my car serviced.

Tiffany Goddess

* * * * * Reviewed July 6, 2018

We had a great experience with them. Our car is running so much better now. Definitely recommend them to anyone who needs help fixing their car .

Justin Miller

* Reviewed April 20, 2018

I took an 2005 Ford Taurus in complaining of transmission trouble. The workers checked it out and told me that everything was fine with the transmission. And then they told me that was a good thing because a transmission rebuild would be about$2800. But what my real problem was, was I needed motor mounts, and that the difficult shifting was due to the motor mounts having too much movement. So about $500 later I got my car back. Approximately 10 days later, my transmission completely failed. Not a small problem, not a slight misdiagnosis, a complete transmission failure. This crook got me to spend on a repair that I would not have authorized if I knew the transmission was going. And the value of the car was not worth the work on the transmission. This crook new that my transmission was failing, and he found another problem to get me to spend some money. The absolute worst part is how he was telling me how honest he is. What a bold faced lie. He also told me I had a bad tire. I took the car back to where I purchased the tire, before the transmission failed, and they could not find anything wrong with the tire or the balancing. This place is the worst.

Julie Morgan

* * * * * Reviewed June 27, 2018

My Hummer was very sick. I was devastated, she was slipping and wouldn't go in gear, needed brakes, belt, motor mounts, and a few other things. I talked to Richard, he was so reasuring and made my anxiety disappear. He said that he would send a roll back to pick her up and that he would fix her good a new. Quick service, very professional. My Hummer is like brand new. I can't say enough about the quality of work and the exceptional service I received. Excellent shop. I will refer Milex to everyone I know. Thanks so much guy's for putting my baby back together. Juls Hummer H3 owner.