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Recent Reviews

Eric Pearce

* * * * * Reviewed July 19, 2018

I called Big Chief and talked to Robert about some tires that I had looked at 6 months ago. He was able to have them at the shop on my appointment day. I also asked him to have the front brakes serviced, and go ahead and get the parts so I could have it all done at once. Everything was done while I waited and I left very happy and saved a lot of time. This is my second large van. Big Chief has always done a great job for me at a reasonable price.

Aaron Floyd

* * * * * Reviewed August 8, 2018

Recommend these guys, highly. They didn't have the tires I wanted in stock and were able to get them in the next day! Mind you, when I called it was about an hour before they closed. When I showed up the next day they took care of me and were very quick with getting me taken care of. I had them put 4 new tires on, balance, Install, and align them.

Bonnie Lowe

* * * * Reviewed August 25, 2018

I'm a repeat customer. I arrived at 7:15. Store was open and ready for business exactly at 7:30. I did not have the lug key and thought that my trip would be in vein. Love an behold, Mr. Andro, the manager, advise that we can break the present lock. They gave me a new lock, completed the tire job and I made it to work on time. As usual, I always stand to the side and watch as my vehicle is being repaired. I noticed how the employees approach the customers and inquired their concerns before entering the store. ....What I would like to see more of is getting to know the customers who frequently visit by name.


* * * * * Reviewed July 6, 2018

This place is a miracle and life saver. Robert is awesome. They saved me A LOT of money. Jeep is riding better than when I first got it. If I need any more repairs I would come here and only here. They are very honest and upfront with what needs to be done to your vehicle and they work quickly to get your vehicle back to you.

Debby Mackery

* * * * * Reviewed July 13, 2018

Great service! It seemed busy when i came in to get my tires rotated as well as check out one tire with a slow leak. However, they were very efficient and professional and my wait was minimal. In addition the techs were knowledgeable and friendly.