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Recent Reviews

Angela Travis

* * * * * Reviewed October 30, 2017

Big Chief Tire has the BEST service I have ever experienced at a tire center! The staff are so friendly and professional!! Fast and efficient service every time I've been there! I would recommend them highly! Needed tires?? This is the place to go!! Great prices and fantastic quality service!

Alfred Futch

* * * * * Reviewed November 17, 2017

Great place for tires, I’ve Been going there for years. The staff is always courteous and They get the job done pretty quick. Got my brakes done and an oil change in one stop, really convienent.

Manny Sapien

* * Reviewed November 29, 2017

I went in recently for a rotation and balance. I had purchased my tires from Big Chief on University. Apparently one tire is bad. Oin stock only two choices for tires. I wasn't happy with that, so the guy rotated the tires and put my spare on the right rear. I have a full spare so all was ok. BUT, the big but is the fact that the other tires were never balanced. My vehicle steering is shaking and vibrating. Never did it prior to going in. Make sure you get what you paid for.

Michael Ricks

* * * * Reviewed October 30, 2017

Prices were great and turn around time was quick. Easy to work with. I just wish they would have put my spare back under the vehicle for me.

Kesha Stokes

* * * * * Reviewed September 21, 2017

Branden was awesome. He kept me informed, answered all my questions, got my car handled in responsible amount of time, called me as soon as it was ready and even referred me for additional services if I were to need them. Very helpful and mannerable young man. AND he was swamped with people and phone calls the entire time. I appreciate the service there at Big Chief.