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Michael Jay Marajas

* * * * * Reviewed February 16, 2018

Gerry's Auto Repair has performed 4 miracles on my vehicles thus far. I got into a crash in Valentine's Day and by the 15th, my car is up an running again. Johnny is simply a mechanical genius and I go here all the time. They price super fairly to everyone in my family because they understand the struggle. Not to mention the lovely wife, Miss Mary Lou, and Miss Julie who acted as my family while my car is being repaired! Thanks for everything guys and I will continue to be a loyal customer!

Osceola County

* Reviewed February 17, 2018

I strongly recommend everybody to take your cars to the dealer. They aren’t very honest people. Beware. If You let these guys work on your car? They will purposely screw something up so you can go back and spend more money ..

Omar Colon

* * * * * Reviewed February 9, 2018

Excellent Mechanic and Great Staff all around, To read some of these negative reviews, Why not take your vehicle to the dealer ? okay that's What I thought. Why do you folks CHELCEY DEESE purchase vehicle you can't afford to pay or repair and then want to place nasty remarks and be argumentative and truly so disrespectful, Marylou is an excellent Christian woman as you cursed her and acted a fool before all of us treating your husband disrespectful, what a show you put on, that speaks for it self. Attitude is everything and certainly having a medical uniform I wold hate to visit the office you work for, and Marylou Blessed you after that Potty mouth of yours towards them and your husband, LADY YOUR THE PROBLEM! CARS WILL BRAKE DOWN AND NEED REPAIR! I was standing in the office when the lady started blaming the shop for her vehicle needing further repairs, when they brought the vehicle that wouldn't even start and johnny got the vehicle started the other repairs needed are like part of the issues that your brought the car in the first place.. I love Gerry's Auto Repair and the Staff and Mechanics are Trained, Certified and So Much knowledge.. I highly Recommend Gerry's Auto Repair to Anyone having car trouble or issues, especially with any European Cars his specialty at a fraction of dealers fees... Omar

Carlos Rodriguez

* * * * * Reviewed November 3, 2017

Merry and Gerry have helped me fix my 2006 jeep commander. They have been EXTREMELY helpful and charged me the price quoted. Would DEFINITELY recommend them if you want honest people helping you. Great work guys you deserve all the best

Chelcey Deese

* Reviewed February 8, 2018

I give 1 star because you can’t give zero. Every time they “fix your car” there’s another issue within weeks. To add to that, they always try to throw in unnecessary repairs. For example, I need my water pump replaced. They decided to add that my ac unit was completely shot. We asked if they checked all the fuses first. They didn’t. Guess what, it was the fuse!! Thankfully we’re not the idiots they assumed we’d be. Someone might have been fooled... That’s just one thing. I feel bad for the husband (the owner and mechanic). I can tell he loves what he does but his nagging, unprofessional, argumentative wife is the issue with this place. I was telling her my concerns and she is immediately defensive and disrespectful. I’m not one to take that lightly, so I step outside to get away and this lady follows me out to continue to argue! All it took was a little askin around Kissimmee to find out she’s the real issue. She wouldn’t even let me voice my concerns. The have no accountability or responsibility nor do they care about word-of-mouth marketing or returning customers. �� hola loca!!