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Recent Reviews

Jose Jimenez

* * * * * Reviewed June 12, 2018

Best place in town!!!! I see people left bad reviews, I don’t know why, this is a good place with good employees, they always get the way to help the customer, is a family atmosphere. I see in the reviews that the main complaint of the people is about money 💰. People if you don’t want to paid go to a different place. If 20.00 is to much for a job done, do it your self and save the 20.00. Don’t put price for other people work. I will keep going to Boss Tire, best place in Kissimmee. Good workers, very professional.

Anthony Nieves

* * * * * Reviewed June 28, 2018

Extremely fast service. Plenty of available parking. $15 for a patch repair, done within 9 minutes! Great job!

Oscar Alfonso

* * * * * Reviewed August 28, 2018

Good prices, excellent customer service

LyMarie Clark

* * * * * Reviewed June 25, 2018

Great service, great prices, I definitely recommend!

Hashi JaJa Shared Gmail

* * * * * Reviewed June 17, 2018

Great customer service and affordable prices!!