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Daniel Rojas

* Reviewed December 29, 2017

Worst place, they overcharge clients, one worker will give you a different price from the other workes, so the price depends on who do you ask, and the lady on the office will go for whatever the highest price is!, complete BS place!!!

reinaldo de pedro

* * * * * Reviewed August 10, 2017

Boss tire center is the best. They know about the trade. I will try my best to not bore you with my reason why this place is the best. But short story, other places (Walmart, jiffy, tire kingdom, etc, had no clue of my car's issue and were charging me A LOT to change rims, front tires, pieces costing $1,000s for something that was not the problem, but by some miracle driving with no purpose around town going crazy about how to get the money other places where asking to fix my car, I saw an empty tire shop and decided to stop just to balance the tires which I thought was the cheapest and least I could do, and they found out that the tires had bumps and that's why steering wheel was shaking when the car is moving, and it was not the worn out front tires, it was the two left sides one which was worn and the back one which was brand new and had to be replaced. Problem was fixed, I did not needed $200 alignment that tire kingdom was saying I needed, nor the $1,000 pieces and rims Nissan was asking for, just two left tires, and boss tire center advised me to change some other pieces soon, and I will do so because they gained my trust. That's how the world works, and should continue to do so. Thanks to all the crew who did the hard work.

sergio madero

* * * * * Reviewed August 30, 2017

Best place ever. Cheap, affordable.

Marisol Rivera

* * * * * Reviewed July 8, 2017

Went there today, great service, great customer service, great used tires good price. Thanks guys for your service...

CaveDave 47

* Reviewed July 7, 2017

Got a tire here and a week later the tire broke on me and destroyed my rim and when I called they told me it wasn't their problem.