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Junior Jr

* * * * * Reviewed January 29, 2018

Actually was recommended by STANCE GARAGE ❗️ This place has a thumbs up. GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE. Affordable and conveniant. If your looking for new tires or have any questions contact them directly. THANKS PETE WILL BE BACK ✅ The hour drive was definitely worth it :)

Nathan Bailey

* * * * * Reviewed December 7, 2017

As someone who has run his own automotive shop for many years, I find it hard to trust someone else with my vehicle. But after reading many reviews and then actually calling Erica at this shop I must say I have been thrilled with my experience. She was very knowledgeable and kind over the phone, she did not BS me about anything at all. I told her what I needed and she gave me a price and a total. Today I dropped off my car and she had it ready sooner than she had promised. My new tires feel great I had no problems and the price was exactly what she told me it would be over the phone. I am beyond happy with them and I will not think twice about using them again should I need something I can’t do in my own garage. Also, as a highly experienced mechanic my self, Most of the few negative reviews they have only address issues that do not relate to the service provided or the service that the upset customer actually paid for. This is a good honest shop and they are genuinely interested in Helping people. They saved me nearly $300 on my tires over the other shops I called. Call them!

Javy Soprano

* * * Reviewed November 20, 2017

I've been in this shop 3 times so far. First time I purchased a used tire for dirt cheap that was in great shape. Second time I went for my father's truck as well. The pricing on the services was great. The third time I went for my truck. The price was reasonable, not as cheap as the first two times but who gives... The only issues I had was that the hubcaps were not inserted correctly, "lucky me" I didn't lose them and that I had to re-adjust the nuts on all (4) rims/wheels on both vehicles to be 100% sure/safe. On my dad's truck it appears that it was not aligned since the tire on the right side is wearing faster than the other 3 tires with just 2 weeks of purchased/mounted. I looked underneath where the tie rods adjust it's alignment and these were not even touched. Mud and dust were intact as If the alignment were never done. Bottom line: This shop has good customer services, it's humble and faster than any other shop I've shopped for tires in town but in my opinion the DIY method is most trusted.

Denis Korol

* * * * * Reviewed January 19, 2018

Awesome crew of employees that are super helpful. Alignment Service was super quick and setup perfectly for my lowered car.

Best Western PLUS Brooklyn Bay

* * * * * Reviewed August 16, 2017

We really had bad tires on the rental car and we needed to go back home to NY. Looked up tires places and this place had good reviews. I called Erika and she helped me right away. The best part was, she not only checked the tires that fit the vehicle but also called me back in time to tell me the tires are in stock. Went to the location, met Pete, an amazing guy who LI es to help! Guys, I rarely write reviews but this place deserves respect and you will not be disappointed but Pete, Erika and co. Thanks guys