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elijah James

* Reviewed November 20, 2017

Stay away bought 4 brand new tires both front tires are bad they have bubbles so bad they are ready to explode and took them back them to the shop and they told me the 0nly thing they can do is let me buy 2 new tires so now I am obtaining a lawyer.The tires are devective and they won't do anything.

Deidra Andrews

* Reviewed March 2, 2017

TERRIBLE!! Went here to replace my front breaks. After they were finished i got into my car, started it and put it in reverse and I COULD NOT STOP FROM ROLLING DOWN OUT OF THE SERVICE AREA INTO THE STREET! To stop i had to throw my car into park! if a car had been coming there would have been an accident. Their response was, oh we forgot to pump the breaks, just press on the brake 3 times and you should be fine. i did and was able to drive. My breaks now make a terrible loud noise and does not stop smoothly. i figured let me drive for a week to see if it will get better. it did not. i took my car back and explained. They did not remove the tires to look at the brakes, they just told me now i need new rotors. Isn't that something that should have been acknowledged when i went in the 1st time? my car did not give me any trouble before going here. i am really starting to hate car mechanics! ANNND i called to get the price for new tires, sent my boyfriend the next day and they gave it to him at a much lower price....THEY ARE CLEARLY OVERCHARGING WOMEN CUSTOMERS.

Mally Miyares

* * * * * Reviewed May 28, 2017

Great people with great service, never had a bad experience with them! They have the best tires and they know what's best for my car

Jonatan Leon

* * * Reviewed April 19, 2017

From the times I've been there the service has been pretty good. Gotten my alignments done and haven't had a problem. Would go there again.

Shalah Collins

* * * * * Reviewed January 27, 2017

this place is AWESOME! great prices and nice staff...i got two used tires and an alignment....I will be coming back again!