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Recent Reviews

Jon O'Neill

* * * * Reviewed April 16, 2018

I took my son there to look at a vehicle listed for sale online. The owner was friendly and poised to sell, he just did not have anything that we felt was appropriately priced for what we were willing to spend.

Cheryl Stroman

* * * * * Reviewed March 19, 2018


Shirly Aaron

* * * * * Reviewed February 4, 2018

Good to buy here car lot


* Reviewed May 2, 2016

Watch out for these guys.. they can scam you out of your money. Don't think just because your paying a cheap price for the problems of your car, that it's a good deal. No, do not think like that. They will either fix or partially fix your car just so you can come back. If they notice another problem with your car that you didn't know about; they may tell you after they get done fixing or partially fixing the current problem you ask them to fix. I will never come back to these guys for multiple reasons.1- They don't have a diagnostic machine that can check your engine the right way like the guys at auto zone..and 2- they also don't have a diagnostic machine that can check the whole car. Checking it themselves is 50/50. Make sure if you are getting new tires, that they don't keep your spare tire. You'll most likely not get it back if you wait after a day. I had two spare tires that were good. I got a set of four refurbished new tires. when I realize I didn't have my spare tires. The main guy came up with some jack out the box story. Never will I come back to those hunchos. I was a loyal customer for a while with those hunchos.

EV Info

* * * * * Reviewed April 2, 2016

Great service and Mr. Carlos explained things clearly without much runaround.