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Heather Shearer

* * * * * Reviewed February 19, 2018

For years, I've only trusted Gene with my vehicles maintenance. Brakes, Tires, etc. Each time he's moved, I've followed him because I know he will make sure I'm taken care of! I'll keep coming back, as long as he is here. His team was also courteous, and efficient.

Andrew Stella

* Reviewed January 20, 2018

Very polite BUT... Went in for oil change, none of the fluids were topped off and the oil was still low. Also saw mechanic pulling down hard on rear end while truck was on lift, shaking the truck and lift. Now truck making severe grinding and popping noises gave me estimate for what they possibly caused, over 650 dollars worth of repairs. Had another mechanic look at it and said the problem is not what they said it is. Big Scam, STAY AWAY

dan broadus

* Reviewed November 1, 2017

I understand up sell, but if some basic 40,000 mile tires with no road hazard are going to run $200 plus and i could save 10 a tire if i wait for the warehouse to deliver. You got to be kidding me. If i had the time i would have went to the Dundee location to see if Andy still worked there. He at least wanted my business, this location apparently didn't need it.

randy routheaux

* * * * * Reviewed January 31, 2018

Great service... With good prices.... Above and beyound

Nathan Gerics

* * * Reviewed November 13, 2017

Staff is friendly prices are good. I didn't appreciate waiting for my vehicle after it was done and i paid for the service. I watched it sit on the rack for almost 30 minutes while the mechanic assigned to it was on his cell phone and talking to another customer who was waiting for his vehicle. Very unprofessional!