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Recent Reviews

Richard Epps

* * * * * Reviewed March 31, 2018

We had the shop put new tires on our RV back in January, I waited for the review because I want to actually drive it to know how they performed. We just completed our first long trip of 800 miles and I am very pleased with the tirea. The shop personnel are professionals and it shows in the results. I very much appreciate them putting the stem extenders on the rear tires that made all the difference in checking the tire pressure. Thanks so much...


* * * * * Reviewed February 17, 2018

Good guys over there still... I do most of my own work but don’t have a lift so anything that’s tire related goes to them still. They don’t mess around with me and take care of what’s needed and their prices are par for the course. They will drop and match others if they make a mistake in a quote, so they’ve got my vote. For anyone that thinks they’re over priced, quality is what you’re paying for and it should be understood that Cars can be like people. If you go to the doctor, it can often take several visits and tests to figure out what’s wrong with you so why would a car (an object with 100’s of mechinical moving parts) be any different? The staff is just awesome in every way you need them to be 🙂

Todd Cheek

* * * * * Reviewed June 30, 2018

Good folks, helpful and pretty quick turnaround getting tires on my motorcoach.

Donald Keeney

* * Reviewed June 14, 2018

Not so great. Had tires balanced on semi then still had shacking after 290.00 bill went to another shop to find had bent rims and weights taped to rims

Marilyn Lawton

* * * * * Reviewed May 13, 2018

Treated me very good. Explained what they were doing. Yes I will go back.