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Recent Reviews

Shannon kae Hall

* * * * * Reviewed August 26, 2018

Christopher is very nice and accommodating. I showed up 30 mins till close and they still helped me, on a Sunday!!! Didn't take to long either, will return for my tire needs.


* Reviewed July 8, 2018

This man is a Liar. I called and was very specific on what I wanted and he told me a price. I come into the store to have the work done and he’s telling me a different price for what I asked for. The one item wasn’t in as good of shape as the other and he was being very rude. I was not satisfied.

Rick Rivera

* * * * Reviewed April 20, 2018

Called in the late a.m., saw me same day, for an alignment ...I was late for agreed upon time but still accommodated me. Technician took my truck on 3 test drives, to make certain all was, as it should be! 3-4 people stopped in with "emergency" tire needs....equally accommodated...all while NOT extending my service visit. Great service, excellent & fair pricing, receipt sent to my phone...absolutely recommend and will return for future maintenance!

Steven Lindsey

* * * * Reviewed April 30, 2018

Good people and even better prices bought 2 tires from AK tires & rims a few months ago and today returned for 2 more. I didn't have them install them just took the tires. Would definitely recommend and will return in the future for my tire needs.

Derek Mosley

* * Reviewed August 14, 2018

Slowest place ever waiting over 30mins for someone to come look at a tire... ridiculous... The guy kept disappearing!! Never again