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Dana Say

* * * * * Reviewed November 27, 2017

I called this place because of the overwhelmingly great reviews that it has. I cannot express how happy I am that I did! First of all, I recently got 2 separate quotes for new tires and I could physically feel my wallet cringe and retreat. I've been putting it off for this very reason, but I knew that if I didn't change at least the front 2 soon, I could very easily blow one out on the interstate. When the owner gave me a price, I assumed it was for used tires which I was totally okay with to get me by for a while and it was a pretty good price at that. I arrived at the shop and my car was taken in right away. The owner and the tech were both very nice and they had my tires mounted and balanced in no more than 15 minutes after I arrived. The most shocking part was when I found out that the price I was quoted and paid was for NEW tires, not used!! Holy cow, I almost fell over! The original quotes I got from the other places was with no exaggeration TWICE what I paid here! I plan on going back next week to have the other 2 replaced and was told that if I get all 4 done, they will be warrantied for 40k miles as well. I will be telling everyone about this place as I am absolutely thrilled to have found them!

Frank Aiello

* * * * * Reviewed November 11, 2017

Fantastic experience. Fast, friendly service. Helpful technicians. BEST PRICES IN TOWN! Seriously, I don't write many reviews but, TE and his crew deserve the credit. In and out in about 20 minutes at half the price of the other place down the road on Ulmerton. I will be going back and if you need a set of tires, new or used, give them a shot. You will not be disappointed. Thanks guys!

Ashley Mite

* * * * * Reviewed December 4, 2017

Friendly service, super fast, and great prices. Got all 4 tires done cheaper than price quoted (I didn’t realize I told them the wrong tire size) and he got them all done in a little over 30 mins. Super sweet guy and very helpful.

Brittany Peltier

* * * * * Reviewed December 14, 2017

Very polite and friendly guys! They were honest and have very good prices. I definitely recommend heading here for any tire or alignment needs!

Jared Elza

* * * * * Reviewed August 15, 2017

I had a tire pressure monitor die, and a slow valve leak in another tire. I had already gotten the parts from eBay, and A Tire Express replaced them both for me for a very reasonable price. Easily saved me $100 or more. They even did their best helping program the new pressure sensor to the vehicle, even though I had already been planning on doing that myself. Very helpful and friendly workers. Best of all, they just did what I asked without trying to tell me all other kinds of stuff that needed fixed just to try to squeeze more money out of me.