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Recent Reviews


* Reviewed July 19, 2018

1 Star. Re: Proves nothing other than you fear accountability for your repair work and or services and that’s not Napa’s mission in treating and or dealing with previous or new customers. Good mechanics care for their clients and aim to be of assistance to the community they serve - unlike yourself. I was being kind by commenting the star score only - but then you had the audacity to reply with ridiculousness. Honest Opinion: Go elsewhere consumers — they don’t want to stand by their work if something goes astray, regardless of what you paid with them in the past, they have no loyalty to you and will not be reliable. Repairing a car can be extremely stressful and expensive and you, the customer, deserve better than someone who will shut the door on you, in your time of need. Paying customers deserve better - Go to Vance’s Automotive on Arizona in Lehigh, amazing shop run by an amazing family and they have been my mother’s mechanic for years! I should have listened to her from the beginning. They’re incredible and faithfully serve the community!

Joshua Young

* * * * * Reviewed August 6, 2017

If your like most people you want a mechanic or shop that you can honestly trust than look no further! Jeff at 2 J's will put those worries at ease. These highly skilled gentleman will give even the most dilapidated vehicle a new lease on life. I've trusted they're craftsmanship for years now and I wouldn't use another garage in Lehigh or Lee County for that matter. If you need something simple done to having something major replaced these guys will take care of it with a passion for kindness and efficiency!

Sugeill Hernandez

* Reviewed April 17, 2018

If no stars where an option that's what I would give them,rude people !!!! I have gone to this place a few times years back but the people they have hired have no skills on customer service....after spending thousands and thousand id expect a good attitude! I'll take my money else where ....

Deborah Knaack

* Reviewed August 2, 2017

I was recommended here by family to see a honest mechanic by name of joel for minor maintenance. I have my 16year old niece with me. Come to find out Joel no longer works there and the boys working there are pigs very uncomfortable if your a woman. NEVER would I go back.

Jon Acha

* Reviewed November 23, 2017

I called because there's a problem with my vehicle, and I asked if they were open on a holiday day because they are some jobs that do still work on holidays and all I was met with was a sarcastic remark and complete Dick of an attitude never coming here ever.