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Ally Pfeifer

* * Reviewed August 14, 2017

Came here for tires for my grandmother. The prices are good. But the service is not so good. First off, google has 2 addresses for this business (only about 2 miles from eachother). I don't know if they moved locations or this is an error on google, but they really need to get that corrected. When we came in, there was a worker in uniform at the front counter eating. My grandmother made a light-hearted remark like, "Oh no fair you get to eat Steak 'n Shake!" And he just stared at her. A minute or so later she was confused about something and asked him a question and he COMPLETELY ignored her. I get if he's on break or something, but it's completely unprofessional to eat your lunch in uniform at the front counter and then not even be remotely polite to customers. Waiting in the little waiting area, there's a box of kid's toys. The toys are covered in dirt and grime as well as the box they are in. When her car was finished, someone just walked past us and gave me a thumbs up. I said "is it ready?" And he just kept walking and ignored me. Honestly if you want cheap tires come here, but if you want good quality customer service then go somewhere else. They were not friendly at all.

Jennifer Ashworth

* * * * * Reviewed November 18, 2017

Very affordable and helpful for someone in a bind :) would definitely recommend to anybody especially single ladies that need a hand with these things

Dmitri Freyman

* * * * * Reviewed November 10, 2017

Great prices awesome customer service and super fast quality work

Chris Hock

* * * * * Reviewed July 22, 2017

I went early 8am and had golf tires mounted. Everyone was exceptional. When I need car tires I'm a new fan and I'm there. Thanks

Business/Investor Vendor

* * * * Reviewed October 23, 2017

After Irma damage to my home, my tire seperated due to the bad bumpy roads, these guys, changed my tire to my spares a great deal, Thanks as I was in a bad spot.