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Recent Reviews

Thomas Mccroy

* * * * * Reviewed July 30, 2017

I just moved up to the area and looked up a tire/mechanic shop. So I decided to check them out after a friend told me he heard good things about them. I came in and had my tires balanced due to a bounce I developed highway speeds. I told them I wanted to have the tires balanced and they asked why so I explained. Not only did they balance my tires the looked over the truck for any other issues that could be causing it. They also test drove my truck being it on the street not just in the parking lot like most places would. After they were done with that they put it on the alignment rack to check it which I really appreciate. The gentleman I was dealing with I can't remember is name but he wears a marines hat (very nice guy by the way). Told me the alignment was off which I figured having dealing with shops that was not that great. But they didn't have the time to do it they said come in tomorrow morning and they could get me fixed up I explained the only day I could come back was Saturday. Me and him knowing on my truck it's going to take well over an hour. He checked the computer and let me know that he can get me in first thing Saturday morning and he can have me fixed up. I showed up 7 am on Saturday morning they took me in almost rite away. The gentleman who was doing the work did a excellent job he aligned took it for a ride and brought it rite back in did some more tinkering and he did a great job. My steering wheel is best it has ever been since I owned it (most other places just can't get it rite idk y maybe the steering gear). I can say I am absolutely happy with there service,prices,hours (most places don't open till 9 or 10 on a saturday), and the people there

Shelby Hertel

* * * * * Reviewed July 5, 2017

I took my car elsewhere because of a nail in my tire, and when I went to pick it up all of a sudden their was all sorts of problems. I took my car over to inlign and they helped me right away and didn't try to upcharge me and they explained things in basic English. Tim and his staff are super helpful and run a great shop! Plus a comfortable waiting room Update: I needed a new battery and he checked and realized my old one was under warranty so they replaced it for free!

Steve Tillison

* * * * * Reviewed August 16, 2017

Very professional and good prices work was done on time would definitely recommend these guys to everyone

gabrielle williams

* * * * * Reviewed February 24, 2017

I absolutely love this place! Granted, car repairs are no ones favorite, but I can always count on these guys to offer me great service at reasonable prices! Everyone is so nice and treats you like family. Very nice place 💙

Barry Bressler

* * * * * Reviewed June 8, 2017

A repair shop you can trust. Tim and his team are friendly & courteous. You can expect the best when you come to Inlign.