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Heriberto Guerra

* * * * * Reviewed March 25, 2017

Great prices, honest advice, and care in their clients. I always have a refreshing experience when I visit them, their company history is also impressive. Everything I look for in a vendor, Competence, Quality, Rapport, and excellent Client centered Service. This is my favorite of their locations.

Mimi rivera

* Reviewed June 22, 2017

I went here 3 times: 1. My mechanic suggested they were the best for an alignment. So I went there, to get a 4 wheel alignment. But the guy said my car only needs two. But Car still wasn't aligned right, the guy told me "the roads in Miami can cause your car to go to the side, I laughed and said Ok. Miami has bad roads, smh, I also needed a sensor for the tire...said I'll be back.. 2. I went back to get the tire sensor. It was all good, went inside to sit in some a.c cause Miami is AF, Trump was on T.V, I was like oooo, and then the lady sitting in behind the counter (owner) says, he is so great, it's great what he is doing with the ban...(the ban on Muslims) I told her what if I told you I was Muslim, she said, that's great, that's why we live in America so we can have free speech, I walked out, I refuse to give my money to trump supporters, no time for ignorance. 3. I go back to my mechanic about a month later (different place) for brakes, boom he does everything, fully takes care of me. He than drives my car and says didn't you align it, I said yeah but dude said the roads in Miami are bad and can cause it to go side ways. He laughs and says go back and that he will call them, so I did. I waited an hour for them to check it. Boom they align it, then he drove it and said they needed to check the steering column, cool, but he parks my car and then tells me I have to wait because they have to align another car. I was like, how, you literally just took my car off the lift to check it and now I Ave to wait after waiting an hour. Dude tells me that's how it is and they can't leave their lift empty and that the computer said my car was done, so now I have to wait. I was livid, I told him why? He said that's how it is, there is a wait I said I know I waited an hour . Why would you take mine off and put up another care knowing that my care wasn't ready. Oh boy they got super mad, told me I have to wait, mind you I already paid for the alignment a month ago, but it wasn't properly done. Point is check your car and if your gay or Muslim I suggest you stay away. They told me the dealer sold me a bad car and to check my breaks because their computer is right....there are plenty of places in Miami to do your car..I would never recommend this place to anyone....

panzer waffen

* * * * * Reviewed July 8, 2017

Super nice people hardworkers willing to help...general manager pedro was a profesional person...helps to find a fair price for your car highly recommended garage

Thelma Galvan

* * * * Reviewed February 19, 2017

Fast and good service. Honest advice.

Arlevys Molina

* Reviewed February 11, 2016

I got a $90 alignment and within two months it ate my tires on the inside completely down to the wires. I think they do that on purpose so you would buy new tires from them.