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Kayle Legacy

* * * * * Reviewed November 17, 2017

I went to have my battery, starter, and alternator checked. I was experiencing battery issues, but wanted to make sure it wasn’t one of the other things. I was greeted by John Campbell. He said there may be a wait, but would get me taken care of as quickly as possible. He told me it was for sure my battery. He asked if I was taking the car to where I got the battery from. I told him I was since it was still under warranty. He said he was happy I was doing that and to no matter what not to turn the car off, because the battery would die. He wished me well and sent me on my way. He was so kind and helpful in a stressful situation. So, Thank You!

Liz Giguere

* * * * Reviewed September 19, 2017

Provided fast, friendly service. My car was done when Gene said it would be done. Gene called me to let me know it was ready like he said he would. I didn't keep checking back. They brought me to my residence and picked me up when it was ready. They stayed within the price quoted. The only thing I was not happy about was that McGee gave a 2 year, 24,000 mile warranty and now that it is Tire Choice, they only give a 12 month, 12,000 mile warranty.

Sarah Williams

* * * * * Reviewed December 11, 2017

Honest and friendly service. Will definitely work with these gentlemen again!

Kevin Worley

* Reviewed November 6, 2017

The home of the $50 air filter- my wife got a basic oil change and got charged $51.40 for an air filter that costs $15 on NAPA's website, Walmart, Ebay and Amazon all have comparable costs. They knocked off $10 then claimed on the phone that they only charged $35 for it. New ownership has ruined this business.


* * * * * Reviewed September 20, 2017

Always great customer service! Honest and respectful. We use them for all the maintenance of our Rescue Truck.